Hancock's Half Hour

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The First TV Show07/06/1956 8:45 pmBBCUK14
1The Artist07/20/1956 9:30 pmBBCUK7
1The Dancer08/03/1956 9:30 pmBBCUK8
1The Bequest08/17/1956 9:30 pmBBCUK7
1The Radio Show08/31/1956 9:30 pmBBCUK13
1The Chef That Died of Shame09/14/1956 9:30 pmBBCUK5
2The Alpine Holiday04/01/1957 8:00 pmBBCUK21
2Lady Chatterley's Revenge04/15/1957 8:00 pmBBCUK15
2The Russian Prince04/29/1957 8:00 pmBBCUK15
2The New Neighbour05/13/1957 8:00 pmBBCUK5
2The Pianist05/27/1957 8:00 pmBBCUK12
2The Auction06/10/1957 7:30 pmBBCUK7
3The Continental Holiday09/30/1957 8:02 pmBBCUK10
3The Great Detective10/07/1957 8:02 pmBBCUK14
3The Amusement Arcade10/14/1957 8:02 pmBBCUK13
3A Holiday in Scotland10/21/1957 8:02 pmBBCUK7
3Air Steward Hancock10/28/1957 8:02 pmBBCUK18
3The Regimental Reunion11/04/1957 8:02 pmBBCUK15
3The Adopted Family11/11/1957 8:02 pmBBCUK10
3The Elocution Teacher11/25/1957 8:02 pmBBCUK6
3The Lawyer: The Crown v James S.12/02/1957 8:02 pmBBCUK14
3How to Win Money and Influence People12/09/1957 8:02 pmBBCUK12
3There's an Airfield at the Bottom of My Garden12/16/1957 8:02 pmBBCUK12
3Hancock's Forty-Three Minutes12/23/1957 8:02 pmBBCUK4
4Ericson the Viking12/26/1958 8:15 pmBBCUK12
4Underpaid! or, Grandad's SOS01/02/1959 8:15 pmBBCUK11
4The Set That Failed01/09/1959 8:15 pmBBCUK10
4The New Nose01/16/1959 7:30 pmBBCUK10
4The Flight of the Red Shadow01/23/1959 7:30 pmBBCUK17
4The Horror Serial01/30/1959 7:30 pmBBCUK9
4The Italian Maid02/06/1959 7:30 pmBBCUK7
4Matrimony - Almost02/13/1959 7:30 pmBBCUK18
4The Beauty Contest02/20/1959 7:30 pmBBCUK16
4The Wrong Man03/06/1959 7:30 pmBBCUK12
4The Oak Tree03/13/1959 7:30 pmBBCUK17
4The Knighthood03/20/1959 7:30 pmBBCUK8
4The Servants03/27/1959 7:30 pmBBCUK12
5The Economy Drive09/25/1959 8:30 pmBBCUK14
5The Two Murderers10/02/1959 8:30 pmBBCUK1110
5Lord Byron Lived Here10/09/1959 8:45 pmBBCUK5
5Twelve Angry Men10/16/1959BBCUK19
5The Train Journey10/23/1959BBCUK6
5The Cruise10/30/1959BBCUK19
5The Big Night11/06/1959BBCUK14
5The Tycoon11/13/1959BBCUK16
5Spanish Interlude11/20/1959BBCUK18
5Football Pools11/27/1959BBCUK12
6The Cold03/04/1960 8:30 pmBBCUK88
6The Missing Page03/11/1960 8:30 pmBBCUK128
6The Emigrant03/18/1960 8:30 pmBBCUK11
6The Reunion Party03/25/1960 8:30 pmBBCUK99
6Sid in Love04/01/1960 8:30 pmBBCUK11
The Baby Sitters 04/08/1960 8:30 pmBBCUK
6The Ladies' Man04/15/1960BBCUK14
6The Photographer04/22/1960 7:30 pmBBCUK11
6The East Cheam Centenary04/29/1960BBCUK23
6The Poison Pen Letters05/06/1960BBCUK5
1The Bedsitter05/26/1961 8:00 pmBBCUK2
1The Bowmans06/02/1961 8:00 pmBBCUK15
1The Radio Ham06/09/1961 8:00 pmBBCUK105
1The Lift06/16/1961 8:00 pmBBCUK8
1The Blood Donor06/23/1961 8:00 pmBBCUK119
1The Succession: Son and Heir06/30/1961 8:00 pmBBCUK4