Kraft Suspense Theatre

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Case Against Paul Ryker: Part 110/10/196310:00 pmNBCUSA11
1The Case Against Paul Ryker: Part 210/17/196310:00 pmNBCUSA11
1The End of the World, Baby10/24/196310:00 pmNBCUSA12
1A Hero for Our Times10/31/196310:00 pmNBCUSA14
1Are There Any More Out There Like You?11/07/196310:00 pmNBCUSA1514
1One Step Down11/14/196310:00 pmNBCUSA119
1The Machine That Played God12/05/196310:00 pmNBCUSA21
1The Long, Lost Life of Edward Smalley12/12/196310:00 pmNBCUSA12
1The Hunt12/19/196310:00 pmNBCUSA9
1The Name of the Game12/26/196310:00 pmNBCUSA15
1The Deep End01/02/196410:00 pmNBCUSA8
1A Truce to Terror01/09/196410:00 pmNBCUSA13
1Who Is Jennifer?01/16/196410:00 pmNBCUSA12
1Leviathan Five01/30/196410:00 pmNBCUSA1414
1My Enemy, This Town02/06/196410:00 pmNBCUSA16
1The Action of the Tiger02/20/196410:00 pmNBCUSA11
1Doesn't Anyone Know Who I Am?02/27/196410:00 pmNBCUSA14
1The Threatening Eye03/12/196410:00 pmNBCUSA9
1A Cause of Anger03/19/196410:00 pmNBCUSA14
1Knight's Gambit03/26/196410:00 pmNBCUSA9
1Once Upon a Savage Night04/02/196410:00 pmNBCUSA8
1Portrait of an Unknown Man04/16/196410:00 pmNBCUSA8
1Their Own Executioners04/23/196410:00 pmNBCUSA13
1The Sweet Taste of Vengeance04/30/196410:00 pmNBCUSA8
1Charlie, He Couldn't Kill a Fly05/07/196410:00 pmNBCUSA14
1The Watchman05/14/196410:00 pmNBCUSA11
1The Robrioz Ring05/28/196410:00 pmNBCUSA6
1A Cruel and Unusual Night06/04/196410:00 pmNBCUSA12
2The World I Want10/01/196410:00 pmNBCUSA6
2Operation Greif10/08/196410:00 pmNBCUSA17
A Lion Amongst Men10/22/196410:00 pmNBCUSA1615
2That He Should Weep for Her11/06/196410:00 pmNBCUSA12
2The Kamchatka Incident11/12/196410:00 pmNBCUSA16
2The Jack Is High11/19/196410:00 pmNBCUSA16
2Graffiti11/26/196410:00 pmNBCUSA5
2One Tiger to a Hill12/03/196410:00 pmNBCUSA1111
2Threepersons12/10/196410:00 pmNBCUSA8
2The Gun12/24/196410:00 pmNBCUSA10
2The Wine-Dark Sea12/31/196410:00 pmNBCUSA17
2In Darkness, Waiting: Part 101/14/196510:00 pmNBCUSA14
2In Darkness, Waiting: Part 201/21/196510:00 pmNBCUSA14
2That Time in Havana02/11/196510:00 pmNBCUSA8
2Four into Zero02/18/196510:00 pmNBCUSA14
2Streetcar, Do You Read Me?02/25/196510:00 pmNBCUSA9
2The Last Clear Chance03/11/196510:00 pmNBCUSA9
2Won't It Ever Be Morning?03/18/196510:00 pmNBCUSA15
2Nobody Will Ever Know03/25/196510:00 pmNBCUSA12
2The Green Felt Jungle04/01/196510:00 pmNBCUSA13
2Rapture at Two-Forty04/15/196510:00 pmNBCUSA11
2Jungle of Fear04/22/196510:00 pmNBCUSA12
2Kill No More04/29/196510:00 pmNBCUSA1
2The Long Ravine05/06/196510:00 pmNBCUSA6
2The Easter Breach05/13/196510:00 pmNBCUSA12
2The Safe House05/20/196510:00 pmNBCUSA14
2Twixt the Cup and the Lip06/03/196510:00 pmNBCUSA11
2The Trains of Silence06/10/196510:00 pmNBCUSA12
2Kill Me on July 20th06/17/196510:00 pmNBCUSA14
2The Rise and Fall of Eddie Carew06/24/196510:00 pmNBCUSA16
2Connery's Hands07/01/196510:00 pmNBCUSA11