Some of Sykes

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Sykes and a Telephone01/29/1960 8:30 pmBBCUK6
1Sykes and a Burglary02/05/1960 8:30 pmBBCUK3
1Sykes and a New Car02/12/1960 8:30 pmBBCUK3
1Sykes and an Uncle02/19/1960 8:30 pmBBCUK5
1Sykes and a Lodger02/26/1960 8:30 pmBBCUK3
2Sykes and a Movie Camera08/11/1960BBCUK8
2Sykes and a Library Book08/18/1960BBCUK4
2Sykes and a Holiday08/25/1960BBCUK4
2Sykes and an Egg09/01/1960BBCUK3
2Sykes and a Brave Deed09/08/1960BBCUK4
2Sykes and a Cheque Book09/15/1960BBCUK16
3Sykes and a Window01/04/1961BBCUK10
3Sykes and a Salesman01/11/1961BBCUK4
3Sykes and a Fancy Dress01/18/1961BBCUK6
3Sykes and a Bath01/25/1961BBCUK8
3Sykes and a Marriage02/01/1961 8:30 pmBBCUK3
3Sykes and an Ankle02/08/1961BBCUK3
4Sykes and a Mission04/14/1961BBCUK9
4Sykes and a Stranger04/21/1961BBCUK3
4Sykes and a Cat04/28/1961BBCUK3
4Sykes and a Bandage05/05/1961BBCUK
4Sykes and a Suspicion05/12/1961BBCUK
4Sykes and a Surprise05/19/1961BBCUK
5Sykes and a Gamble01/30/1962 8:00 pmBBCUK8
5Sykes and a Job02/06/1962 8:00 pmBBCUK
5Sykes and a Boat02/13/1962 8:00 pmBBCUK3
5Sykes and a Journey02/20/1962BBCUK
5Sykes and an Elephant02/27/1962BBCUK1
5Sykes and a Rolls03/06/1962BBCUK
5Sykes and a Haunting03/13/1962 8:00 pmBBCUK44
5Sykes and a Dream03/20/1962BBCUK
6Sykes and a Fog02/21/1963BBCUK7
6Sykes and a Phobia02/28/1963 8:00 pmBBCUK
6Sykes and a Camping Trip03/07/1963BBCUK
6Sykes and a Picture03/14/1963BBCUK
6Sykes and a Mouse03/21/1963BBCUK
6Sykes and a Walk03/28/1963BBCUK
6Sykes and a Referee04/04/1963BBCUK
6Sykes and a Pub04/11/1963BBCUK
7Sykes and a Box02/25/1964BBCUK8
7Sykes and a Plank03/03/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK3
7Sykes and a Search03/10/1964BBCUK
7Sykes and a Following03/17/1964BBCUK7
7Sykes and a Menace03/24/1964BBCUK
7Sykes and a Log Cabin03/31/1964BBCUK1
7Sykes and a Band04/07/1964BBCUK
8Sykes and Two Birthdays10/30/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK12
8Sykes and a Hypnotist11/06/1964 8:00 pmBBC1UK24
8Sykes and a Protest11/13/1964BBCUK
8Sykes and a Bird11/20/1964BBCUK
8Sykes and a War11/27/1964BBCUK
8Sykes and a Cold12/04/1964BBCUK
9Sykes and a Mountain10/05/1965BBCUK7
9Sykes and a Deb10/12/1965BBCUK6
9Sykes and a Business10/19/1965 7:30 pmBBCUK12
9Sykes and a Golfer10/26/1965 7:30 pmBBCUK9
9Sykes and a Big Brother11/02/1965 7:30 pmBBC1UK
9Sykes and a Uniform11/09/1965BBCUK4
9Sykes and a Nest Egg11/16/1965BBCUK2