He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Diamond Ray of Disappearance09/05/1983USA44
The Shadow of Skeletor09/11/1983USA
She-Demon of Phantos09/12/1983USA
Teela's Quest09/27/1983USA
Colossor Awakes09/28/1983USA
The Dragon Invasion09/29/1983USA
The Curse of the Spellstone09/30/1983USA
The Time Corridor10/03/1983USA
Creatures from the Tar Swamp10/04/1983USA
Song of Celice10/05/1983USA
Reign of the Monster10/07/1983USA
Like Father, Like Daughter10/10/1983USA
Disappearing Act10/11/1983USA
Evil-Lyn's Plot10/12/1983USA
Dawn of Dragoon10/13/1983USA
Prince Adam No More10/14/1983USA
A Friend in Need10/17/1983USA
Daimar the Demon10/18/1983USA
The Dragon's Gift10/19/1983USA
The Shaping Staff10/20/1983USA
The Cosmic Comet10/21/1983USA
The Taking of Grayskull10/24/1983USA
Double Edged Sword10/25/1983USA
Quest for He-Man10/26/1983USA
Orko's Favorite Uncle10/27/1983USA
Quest for the Sword10/28/1983USA
A Beastly Sideshow10/31/1983USA
A Tale of Two Cities11/01/1983USA
Valley of Power11/02/1983USA
Game Plan11/03/1983USA
The Return of Orko's Uncle11/04/1983USA
The Mystery of Man-E-Faces11/07/1983USA
Keeper of the Ancient Ruins11/08/1983USA
The Region of Ice11/09/1983USA
Masks of Power11/10/1983USA
Ordeal in the Darklands11/11/1983USA
City Beneath the Sea11/14/1983USA
The Defection11/15/1983USA
Teela's Trial11/16/1983USA
The Starchild11/17/1983USA
Orko's Missing Magic11/18/1983USA
The Search11/21/1983USA
Eternal Darkness11/22/1983USA
The Royal Cousin11/23/1983USA
Return of Evil11/24/1983USA
Eye of the Beholder11/25/1983USA
It's Not My Fault11/28/1983USA
Trouble in Arcadia11/29/1983USA
Castle of Heroes11/30/1983USA
Temple of the Sun12/01/1983USA
Wizard of Stone Mountain12/02/1983USA
Dree Elle's Return12/05/1983USA
The Sleepers Awaken12/06/1983USA
Return of the Gryphon12/07/1983USA
The Return of Granamyr12/08/1983USA
Pawns of the Game Master12/09/1983USA
The Huntsman12/12/1983USA
The Remedy12/13/1983USA
The House of Shokoti: Part 112/14/1983USA
The House of Shokoti: Part 212/15/1983USA
The Witch and the Warrior12/16/1983USA
Search for the VHO12/20/1983USA
The Once and Future Duke12/21/1983USA
Golden Disks of Knowledge12/22/1983USA
The Heart of a Giant12/23/1983USA
One for All07/10/1984USA
Island of Fear10/03/1984USA
Revenge Is Never Sweet10/04/1984USA
Not So Blind10/08/1984USA
Things That Go Bump in the Night10/13/1984USA
Origin of the Sorceress09/23/1985USA
Journey to Stone City09/25/1985USA
No Job Too Small10/01/1985USA
The Bitter Rose10/02/1985USA
Orko's New Friend10/07/1985USA
The Eternia Flower10/16/1985USA
Happy Birthday Roboto10/17/1985USA
Here, There, Skeletors Everywhere11/01/1985USA
Orko's Return11/05/1985USA
Visitors from Earth11/06/1985USA
Search for a Son11/11/1985USA
Mistaken Identity11/12/1985USA
Bargain with Evil11/14/1985USA
Capture the Comet Keeper11/15/1985USA
The Games11/19/1985USA