I Didn't Know You Cared

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Cause for Celebration08/27/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK1010
1A Knitter in the Family09/03/1975 9:35 pmBBC1UK7
1The Old Tin Trunk09/10/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK8
1After the Ball Was Over09/17/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK9
1Aye... Well... Mm...09/24/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK7
1Large or Small, Big or Tall10/01/1975 9:35 pmBBC1UK8
1The Axe and Cleaver10/15/1975 9:25 pmBBC1UK6
2The Way My Wife Looks at Me04/20/1976 9:25 pmBBC1UK11
2Chez Us04/27/1976 9:25 pmBBC1UK11
2A Woman's Work05/04/1976 9:35 pmBBC1UK13
2A Signal Disaster05/11/1976 9:25 pmBBC1UK14
2You Should See Me Now05/18/1976 9:25 pmBBC1UK7
2Good Wood, God!05/25/1976 9:25 pmBBC1UK10
3Men at Work01/11/1978 9:25 pmBBC1UK6
3A Grave Decision01/18/1978 9:25 pmBBC1UK10
3Party Games01/25/1978 9:25 pmBBC1UK12
3A Bleak Day02/01/1978 9:25 pmBBC1UK8
3Stout Deeds02/08/1978 9:25 pmBBC1UK9
3Paradise Lost02/15/1978 9:25 pmBBC1UK8
3The Last Tram02/22/1978 9:25 pmBBC1UK8
4The Love Match05/08/1979 9:25 pmBBC1UK7
4Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing05/15/1979 9:25 pmBBC1UK8
4A Tip Top Day05/22/1979 9:25 pmBBC1UK9
4Don't Answer That05/29/1979 9:25 pmBBC1UK9
4The Great Escape06/05/1979 9:35 pmBBC1UK9
4What's in a Name06/19/1979 9:25 pmBBC1UK10
4The Great Day06/26/1979 9:25 pmBBC1UK10