Rosemary and Thyme

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1And No Birds Sing08/31/2003UK13
1Arabica and the Early Spider09/05/2003UK12
1The Language of Flowers09/12/2003UK10
1Sweet Angelica09/19/2003UK9
1A Simple Plot09/26/2003UK8
1The Tree of Death10/03/2003UK8
2The Memory of Water10/03/2004UK17
2Orpheus and the Undergrowth10/08/2004UK9
2They Understand Me in Paris10/15/2004UK9
2The Invisible Worm10/22/2004UK10
2The Gongoozlers10/29/2004UK11
2The Italian Rapscalion11/05/2004UK10
2Swords into Ploughshares11/12/2004UK11
2Up the Garden Path12/18/2004UK
3The Cup of Silence 12/23/2005UK
3In a Monastery Garden 01/21/2006UK
3Seeds of Time 01/28/2006UK
3Agua Cadaver 02/04/2006UK
3Three Legs Good 02/11/2006UK
3The Gooseberry Bush 02/18/2006UK
3Racquet Espanol 07/30/2007UK
3Enter Two Gardeners 08/06/2007UK