I Love Lucy

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Girls Want to Go to the Nightclub10/15/1951 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
1Be a Pal10/22/1951 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Diet10/29/1951 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying to Murder Her11/05/1951 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Quiz Show11/12/1951 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Audition11/19/1951 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Seance11/26/1951 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Men Are Messy12/03/1951 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Fur Coat12/10/1951 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Lucy Is Jealous of Girl Singer12/17/1951 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Drafted12/24/1951 9:00 pmCBSUSA5
1The Adagio12/31/1951 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Benefit01/07/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Amateur Hour01/14/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Lucy Plays Cupid01/21/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Lucy Fakes Illness01/28/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Lucy Writes a Play02/04/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Breaking the Lease02/11/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
1The Ballet02/18/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Young Fans02/25/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1New Neighbors03/03/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Fred and Ethel Fight03/10/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Mustache03/17/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Gossip03/24/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Pioneer Women03/31/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Marriage License04/07/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Kleptomaniac04/14/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Cuban Pals04/21/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Freezer04/28/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Lucy Does a TV Commercial05/05/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1The Publicity Agent05/12/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio05/19/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Lucy's Schedule05/26/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Ricky Thinks He's Going Bald06/02/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
1Ricky Asks for a Raise06/09/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Job Switching09/15/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Saxophone09/22/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Anniversary Present09/29/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Handcuffs10/06/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Operetta10/13/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Vacation from Marriage10/27/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Courtroom11/10/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Redecorating11/24/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Ricky Loses His Voice12/01/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Lucy Is Enceinte12/08/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable12/15/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Lucy's Show-Biz Swan Song12/22/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Lucy Hires an English Tutor12/29/1952 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Ricky has Labor Pains01/05/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Lucy Becomes a Sculptress01/12/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Lucy Goes to the Hospital01/19/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Sales Resistance01/26/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Inferiority Complex02/02/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Club Election02/16/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Black Eye03/09/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Lucy Changes Her Mind03/30/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2No Children Allowed04/20/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Lucy Hires a Maid04/27/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Indian Show05/04/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Lucy's Last Birthday05/11/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Ricardos Change Apartments05/18/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Lucy Is a Matchmaker05/25/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Lucy Wants New Furniture06/01/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Camping Trip06/08/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Ricky and Fred Are TV Fans06/22/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
2Never Do Business with Friends06/29/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Ricky's Life Story10/05/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Girls Go Into Business10/12/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Lucy and Ethel Buy the Same Dress10/19/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Equal Rights10/26/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Baby Pictures11/02/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Lucy Tells the Truth11/09/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The French Revue11/16/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Redecorating the Mertzes' Apartment11/23/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Too Many Crooks11/30/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Changing the Boys' Wardrobe12/07/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined12/14/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Ricky's Old Girlfriend12/21/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Million Dollar Idea01/11/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Ricky Minds the Baby01/18/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Charm School01/25/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Sentimental Anniversary02/01/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Fan Magazine02/08/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Oil Wells02/15/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Ricky Loses His Temper02/22/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Home Movies03/01/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Bonus Bucks03/08/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation03/22/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Lucy Is Envious03/29/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Lucy Writes a Novel04/05/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Lucy's Club Dance04/12/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Black Wig04/19/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Diner04/26/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Tennessee Ernie Visits05/03/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3Tennessee Ernie Hangs On05/10/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Golf Game05/17/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
3The Sublease05/24/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Business Manager10/04/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Mertz and Kurtz10/11/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Lucy Cries Wolf10/18/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Matchmaker10/25/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Mr. and Mrs. T.V. Show11/01/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Ricky's Movie Offer11/08/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Ricky's Screen Test11/15/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Lucy's Mother-in-Law11/22/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Ethel's Birthday11/29/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Ricky's Contract12/06/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Getting Ready12/13/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Lucy Learns to Drive01/03/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4California, Here We Come!01/10/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4First Stop01/17/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Tennessee Bound01/24/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA3
4Ethel's Hometown01/31/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Hollywood at Last02/07/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Don Juan and the Starlets02/14/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Lucy Gets Into Pictures02/21/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Fashion Show02/28/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4The Hedda Hopper Story03/14/1955 5:00 amHallmarkUSA
4Don Juan Is Shelved03/21/1955 5:30 amHallmarkUSA
4Bullfight Dance03/28/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
4Hollywood Anniversary04/04/1955 6:30 amHallmarkUSA
4The Star Upstairs04/18/1955 7:00 amHallmarkUSA
4In Palm Springs04/25/1955 7:30 amHallmarkUSA
4The Dancing Star05/02/1955 6:00 pmCBSUSA
4Lucy and Harpo Marx05/09/1955 5:30 amHallmarkUSA
4Ricky Needs an Agent05/16/1955 6:00 amHallmarkUSA
4The Tour05/30/1955 6:30 amHallmarkUSA
5Lucy Visits Grauman's10/03/1955 7:00 amHallmarkUSA
5Lucy and John Wayne10/10/1955 6:30 pmCBSUSA
5Lucy and the Dummy10/17/1955 5:00 amHallmarkUSA
5Ricky Sells the Car10/24/1955 5:30 amHallmarkUSA
5The Great Train Robbery10/31/1955 6:00 amHallmarkUSA
5The Homecoming11/07/1955 6:30 pmCBSUSA
5The Ricardos Are Interviewed11/14/1955 6:30 pmCBSUSA
5Lucy Goes to the Rodeo11/28/1955 6:30 pmCBSUSA
5Nursery School12/05/1955 5:00 amHallmarkUSA
5Ricky's European Booking12/12/1955 5:30 amHallmarkUSA
5The Passports12/19/1955 6:00 amHallmarkUSA
5Staten Island Ferry01/02/1956 6:30 amHallmarkUSA
5Bon Voyage01/16/1956 7:00 amHallmarkUSA
5Second Honeymoon01/23/1956 7:30 amHallmarkUSA
5Lucy Meets the Queen01/30/1956 5:00 amHallmarkUSA
5The Fox Hunt02/06/1956 5:30 amHallmarkUSA
5Lucy Goes to Scotland02/20/1956 6:00 amHallmarkUSA
5Paris at Last02/27/1956 6:30 amHallmarkUSA
5Lucy Meets Charles Boyer03/05/1956 7:00 amHallmarkUSA
5Lucy Gets a Paris Gown03/19/1956 7:30 amHallmarkUSA
5Lucy in the Swiss Alps03/26/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
5Lucy Gets Homesick in Italy04/09/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
5Lucy's Italian Movie04/16/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
5Lucy's Bicycle Trip04/23/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
5Lucy Goes to Monte Carlo05/07/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
5Return Home from Europe05/14/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Lucy and Bob Hope10/01/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Little Ricky Learns to Play the Drums10/08/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Lucy Meets Orson Welles10/15/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright10/22/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Visitor from Italy10/29/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Off to Florida11/12/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Deep Sea Fishing11/19/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Desert Island11/26/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6The Ricardos Visit Cuba12/03/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Little Ricky's School Pageant12/17/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6The I Love Lucy Christmas Show12/24/1956 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Lucy and the Loving Cup01/07/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Lucy and Superman01/14/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Little Ricky Gets a Dog01/21/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Lucy Wants to Move to the Country01/28/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Lucy Hates to Leave02/04/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Lucy Misses the Mertzes02/11/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA7
6Lucy Gets Chummy with the Neighbors02/18/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Lucy Raises Chickens03/04/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Lucy Does the Tango03/11/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Ragtime Band03/18/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Lucy's Night in Town03/25/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Housewarming04/01/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Building a Bar-B-Q04/08/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Country Club Dance04/22/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6Lucy Raises Tulips04/29/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA
6The Ricardos Dedicate a Statue05/06/1957 6:30 pmCBSUSA