Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Strangers on a Train01/09/1973 8:30 pmBBC1UK66
1Home is the Hero01/16/1973 8:30 pmBBC1UK5
1Cold Feet01/23/19739
1Moving On01/30/197371
1I'll Never Forget Whatshername02/06/19737
1Birthday Boy02/13/1973 8:30 pmBBC1UK1313
1No Hiding Place02/20/1973 8:30 pmBBC1UK8
1Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?02/27/19737
1Storm in a Tea Chest03/06/19737
1The Old Magic03/13/19736
1Boys Night In03/27/19734
1End of an Era04/03/197311
1Heart to Heart01/08/19747
2Absent Friends01/14/19747
2The Ant and the Grasshopper01/15/19748
2One for the Road02/04/197410
2The Great Race02/05/1974 8:30 pmBBC1UK8
2Some Day We'll Laugh About This02/19/197410:10 pmBBC1UK77
2In Harms Way02/25/197410
2Affairs and Relations03/04/1974
2The Expert03/12/1974
2Between Ourselves03/19/19748
2Conduct Unbecoming04/01/1974
2The Shape of Things to Come04/09/1974
2Christmas Crackers12/24/19748