Baa Baa Black Sheep

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Flying Misfits09/21/1976 7:30 pmNBCUSA2928
1Best Three Out of Five09/23/1976 8:00 pmNBCUSA2119
1Small War09/28/1976 8:00 pmNBCUSA2119
1High Jinx10/05/1976 8:00 pmNBCUSA1918
1Presumed Dead10/26/1976 8:00 pmNBCUSA1817
1The Meatball Circus11/09/1976 8:00 pmNBCUSA2118
1Up for Grabs11/16/1976 8:00 pmNBCUSA2524
1Anyone for Suicide?11/23/1976 8:00 pmNBCUSA1413
1New Georgia on My Mind11/30/1976 8:00 pmNBCUSA2019
1The Cat's Whiskers12/07/1976 8:00 pmNBCUSA2423
1Love and War12/14/1976 8:00 pmNBCUSA1815
1The War Biz Warrior01/04/1977 8:00 pmNBCUSA1817
1The Deadliest Enemy of All: Part 101/11/1977 8:00 pmNBCUSA2319
1The Deadliest Enemy of All: Part 201/18/1977 8:00 pmNBCUSA2423
1Devil in the Slot01/25/1977 8:00 pmNBCUSA1715
1Five the Hard Way02/01/1977 8:00 pmNBCUSA1715
1Last Mission Over Sengai02/08/1977 8:00 pmNBCUSA2221
1Trouble at Fort Apache02/15/1977 8:00 pmNBCUSA1817
1Poor Little Lambs02/22/1977 8:00 pmNBCUSA1817
1W*A*S*P*S03/01/1977 8:00 pmNBCUSA1817
1Last One for Hutch03/08/1977 8:00 pmNBCUSA2221
1The Fastest Gun03/22/1977 8:00 pmNBCUSA2019
2Divine Wind12/14/1977 9:00 pmNBCUSA2625
2The 200 Pound Gorilla12/21/1977 9:00 pmNBCUSA2120
2The Hawk Flies on Sunday12/28/1977 9:00 pmNBCUSA2322
2Wolves in the Sheep Pen01/04/1978 9:00 pmNBCUSA2625
2Operation Stand-Down01/11/1978 9:00 pmNBCUSA2019
2Ten'll Get You Five01/18/1978 9:00 pmNBCUSA2221
2Forbidden Fruit02/22/1978 9:00 pmNBCUSA2221
2Fighting Angels03/01/1978 9:00 pmNBCUSA2018
2The Iceman03/08/1978 9:00 pmNBCUSA2019
2Hot Shot03/15/1978 9:00 pmNBCUSA1918
2The Show Must Go On.. Sometimes03/23/1978 9:00 pmNBCUSA2018
2Sheep in the Limelight03/30/1978 9:00 pmNBCUSA2322
2A Little Bit of England04/06/1978 9:00 pmNBCUSA2019