Sunday Drama

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Theatre 60:The Devil Makes Sunday07/31/196010:00 pmITVUK4
The Barber of Stanford Hill08/28/19605
Sunday Mystery Theatre: The Primitives07/12/1964
Sunday Mystery Theatre: Weekend at Willaburra08/02/19643
Sunday Mystery Theatre: Dig Here08/23/19645
A Tall, Stalwart Lancer01/17/19655
The Paper Man03/28/196510:05 pmITVUK13
Lot 17104/11/19658
Suspense Hour: Nightmare on Instalments05/03/19655
Suspense Hour: Curtains for Sheila08/22/19655
Four Triumphant: St Andrew11/27/19663
Four Triumphant: St George12/04/19664
Four Triumphant: St Patrick12/11/196610
Four Triumphant: St David12/18/19664
Turn of the Year: The Christmas Present12/13/19702
Turn of the Year: The Six Horse Accumulator12/20/1970 6:35 pmITVUK3
Turn of the Year: My Guest Star Tonight12/27/1970 6:35 pmITVUK3
Turn of the Year: Sally for Keeps01/03/19713
Turn of the Year: The Parcel01/10/1971
Turn of the Year: The Girl Upstairs01/17/19712
The Crib12/26/19715
Time Lock04/02/197210
The Web12/03/19724
Only the Other Day04/07/197410
The Ceremony of Innocence09/08/197410
The Arcata Promise09/22/19743
Harry Lifters11/17/19744
Now Is Too Late03/07/19764
A Land of Ice Cream03/21/19766
Afternoon Dancing03/28/197610:00 pmITVUK6
The Nicest Man in the World05/16/197616
Forget -Me- Knot08/01/19765
The Late Wife05/28/19773
Happy Returns06/05/19774
The Goldfinch06/12/197710:00 pmITVUK4
Sister Dora: Part 106/26/19778
Sister Dora: Part 207/03/19775
Sister Dora: Part 307/10/197710:00 pmITVUK131
A Good Human Story07/17/197710:00 pmITVUK10
A Chink in the Wall07/23/19777
The Portrait07/30/19773
Why Here?08/07/19779
A Superstition08/14/19774
The Cuckoo Calls08/27/197711
The Man Who Liked Elephants09/04/19777
The Marrying Kind08/13/19789
You are My Heart's Delight08/27/19782
Remember Jack Buchanan08/30/19809