SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Ascent of Mount Everest10/05/1963 5:40 pmBBCUK3
1The Lost Colony10/12/1963 5:40 pmBBCUK3
1The Fear of Wages10/19/1963 5:40 pmBBCUK
1Napoleon's Piano10/26/1963 5:40 pmBBCUK
1The Last Tram11/02/1963 5:40 pmBBCUK
1The China Story11/16/1963 5:40 pmBBCUK
1The Canal11/23/1963 5:40 pmBBCUK
1The Hastings Flyer12/07/1963 5:40 pmBBCUK33
The Mystery of the Marie Celeste - Solved12/14/1963 5:40 pmBBCUK3
1The International Christmas Pudding12/21/1963 5:40 pmBBCUK
1The Choking Horror12/28/1963 5:40 pmBBCUK
2Scradge03/28/1964 5:15 pmBBC1UK
2The Booted Gorilla04/04/1964 5:15 pmBBC1UK
2The Underwater Mountain04/11/1964 5:15 pmBBC1UK
Dreaded Batter Puidding Hurler of Bexhill-on-Sea04/18/1964 5:15 pmBBC1UK
2Tales of Old Dartmoor04/25/1964 5:15 pmBBC1UK
2Lurgi Strikes Britain05/02/1964 5:15 pmBBC1UK
2Captain Seagoon R.N.05/09/1964 5:00 pmBBC1UK
2The First Albert Memorial to the Moon05/16/1964 5:00 pmBBC1UK
2The Whistling Spy Enigma05/23/1964 5:00 pmBBC1UK
2Tales of Old Montmartre05/30/1964 5:00 pmBBC1UK
The Africa Ship Canal06/06/1964 5:00 pmBBC1UK
2The Affair of the Lone Banana06/13/1964 5:00 pmBBC1UK
2The Terrible Revenge of Fred Fu-Manchu06/20/1964 5:00 pmBBC1UK
2The Nadger Plague06/27/1964 5:00 pmBBC1UK
2The Siege of Fort Knight07/18/1964 5:00 pmBBC1UK
The Last Goon Show of All05/10/197241