Film Night

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Carry on Forever04/12/1970UK9
Who Is Leonard Prey?09/06/1970UK1
Elliot Gould09/27/1970UK2
Episode dated 4 October 197010/04/1970UK1
Episode dated 18 October 197010/18/1970UK5
Episode dated 6 November 197011/06/1970UK2
Sellers & Milligan11/08/1970UK3
Tony Curtis12/20/197011:05 pmBBC2UK1
Episode dated 3 January 197101/03/1971UK3
Four Women Film Makers01/10/1971UK1
10 Rillington Place01/31/197110:30 pmBBC2UK3
Episode02/07/197110:55 pmBBC2UK2
Episode02/14/197111:25 pmBBC2UK3
Mrs Pollifax, Lawman02/21/197110:50 pmBBC2UK
Episode dated 14 March 197103/14/1971UK2
Episode dated 21 March 197103/21/1971UK5
The Black Man in the Cinema04/11/197111:50 pmBBC2UK11
The Films of Stanley Baker05/02/1971UK1
Film Night Special: Kirk Douglas05/09/1971UK4
Episode dated 23 May 197105/23/1971UK
Film Night Special: John Schlesinger06/20/1971UK8
Episode dated 31 July 197107/31/1971UK3
Episode dated 11 September 197109/11/1971UK3
Episode dated 18 September 197109/18/1971UK4
Episode dated 18 December 197112/18/1971UK1
Gina Lollobrigida01/08/1972UK1
Episode dated 5 February 197202/05/1972UK
Episode dated 26 February 197202/26/1972UK1
We Don't Do Bangs03/18/197211:05 pmBBC2UK
Christopher Lee, Von Stroheim03/25/197211:15 pmBBC2UK3
Episode dated 15 April 197204/15/1972UK2
Episode dated 13 May 197205/13/1972UK
Episode dated 20 May 197205/20/1972UK1
The Master of Suspense05/27/1972UK1
Episode dated 1 July 197207/01/197211:05 pmBBC2UK1
Gregory Peck07/22/1972UK2
Two's a Company07/29/1972UK4
Episode dated 5 August 197208/05/1972UK
Episode dated 26 August 197208/26/1972UK2
Episode dated 9 September 197209/09/1972UK3
Robert Shaw10/13/197211:20 pmBBC2UK1
The Unsung Oscar10/20/1972UK1
Peter O'Toole11/17/1972UK1
Alice in Wonderland11/24/1972UK6
The Secret World of Federico Fellini12/08/197211:00 pmBBC2UK2
Stacy Keach12/15/197210:55 pmBBC2UK3
Episode dated 22 December 197212/22/1972UK1
Episode dated 5 January 197301/05/197310:35 pmBBC2UK1
Robert Bolt01/12/197310:45 pmBBC2UK
Episode dated 26 January 197301/26/1973UK2
Four to the Fore02/09/1973UK4
Episode dated 23 February 197302/23/1973UK
Episode dated 23 March 197303/23/1973UK1
Episode dated 13 April 197304/13/1973UK4
Glenda Jackson05/18/197310:45 pmBBC2UK
Episode dated 25 May 197305/25/1973UK1
Episode dated 1 June 197306/01/1973UK2
Film Night Special: Edinburgh Film Festival08/25/1973UK2
Episode12/05/197310:35 pmBBC2UK3
And Now for Something Completely Different...12/19/197411:10 pmBBC2UK1
Slade in Flame/All Creatures...02/08/197510:35 pmBBC2UK2
Dirty Mary Crazy Larry/Spiral Staircase02/15/197511:10 pmBBC2UK2
Lacombe Lucien02/22/197511:00 pmBBC2UK
Dirk Bogarde04/01/197611:10 pmBBC2UK1