Alfred Hitchcock Hour

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1A Piece of the Action09/20/196210:00 pmCBSUSA31
1Don't Look Behind You09/27/196210:00 pmCBSUSA8
1Night of the Owl10/04/196210:00 pmCBSUSA8
1I Saw the Whole Thing10/11/196210:00 pmCBSUSA2624
1Captive Audience10/18/196210:00 pmCBSUSA12
1Final Vow10/25/196210:00 pmCBSUSA13
1Annabel11/01/196210:00 pmCBSUSA9
1House Guest11/08/196210:00 pmCBSUSA8
1The Black Curtain11/15/196210:00 pmCBSUSA11
1Day of Reckoning11/22/196210:00 pmCBSUSA12
1Ride the Nightmare11/29/196210:00 pmCBSUSA9
1Hangover12/06/196210:00 pmCBSUSA7
1Bonfire12/13/196210:00 pmCBSUSA6
1The Tender Poisoner12/20/196210:00 pmCBSUSA9
1The Thirty-First of February01/04/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA13
1What Really Happened01/11/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Forecast: Low Clouds and Coastal Fog01/18/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1A Tangled Web01/25/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1To Catch a Butterfly02/01/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Paragon02/08/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1I'll Be Judge -- I'll Be Jury 02/15/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Diagnosis: Danger03/01/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA18
1The Lonely Hours03/08/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Star Juror03/15/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA15
1The Long Silence03/22/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1An Out for Oscar04/05/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Death and the Joyful Woman04/12/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA15
1Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans04/19/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1The Dark Pool05/03/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Dear Uncle George05/10/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Run for Doom05/17/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
1Death of a Cop05/24/1963 9:30 pmCBSUSA
2A Home Away from Home09/27/196310:00 pmCBSUSA
2A Nice Touch10/04/196310:00 pmCBSUSA9
2Terror at Northfield10/11/196310:00 pmCBSUSA
2You'll Be the Death of Me10/18/196310:00 pmCBSUSA
2Blood Bargain10/25/196310:00 pmCBSUSA
2Nothing Ever Happens in Linvale11/08/196310:00 pmCBSUSA10
2Starring the Defense11/15/196310:00 pmCBSUSA19
2The Cadaver11/29/196310:00 pmCBSUSA12
2The Dividing Wall12/06/196310:00 pmCBSUSA
2Good-Bye, George12/13/196310:00 pmCBSUSA10
2How to Get Rid of Your Wife12/20/196310:00 pmCBSUSA14
2Three Wives Too Many01/03/196410:00 pmCBSUSA11
2The Magic Shop01/10/196410:00 pmCBSUSA14
2Beyond the Sea of Death01/24/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2Night Caller01/31/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Evil of Adelaide Winters02/07/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Jar02/14/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2Final Escape02/21/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2Murder Case03/06/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2Anyone for Murder?03/13/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2Beast in View03/20/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2Behind the Locked Door03/27/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2A Matter of Murder04/03/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Gentleman Caller04/10/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow04/14/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2Ten Minutes from Now05/01/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Sign of Satan05/08/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2Who Needs an Enemy?05/15/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2Bed of Roses05/22/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2The Second Verdict05/29/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2Isabel06/05/196410:00 pmCBSUSA
2Body in the Barn07/03/196410:00 pmCBSUSA12
3Return of Verge Likens10/05/196410:00 pmNBCUSA10
3Change of Address10/12/196410:00 pmNBCUSA9
3Water's Edge10/19/196410:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Life Work of Juan Diaz10/26/196410:00 pmNBCUSA
3See the Monkey Dance11/09/196410:00 pmNBCUSA
3Lonely Place11/16/196410:00 pmNBCUSA
3The McGregor Affair11/23/196410:00 pmNBCUSA
3Misadventure12/07/196410:00 pmNBCUSA
3Triumph12/14/196410:00 pmNBCUSA
3Memo from Purgatory12/21/196410:00 pmNBCUSA
3Consider Her Ways12/28/196410:00 pmNBCUSA
3Crimson Witness01/04/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3Where the Woodbine Twineth01/11/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3Final Performance01/18/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3Thanatos Palace Hotel02/01/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3One of the Family02/08/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3An Unlocked Window02/15/196510:00 pmNBCUSA9
3The Trap02/22/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3Wally the Beard03/01/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3Death Scene03/08/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Photographer and the Undertaker03/15/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3Thou Still Unravished Bride03/22/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3Completely Foolproof03/29/196510:00 pmNBCUSA9
3Power of Attorney04/05/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3The World's Oldest Motive04/12/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Monkey's Paw--A Retelling04/19/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Second Wife04/26/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3Night Fever05/03/196510:00 pmNBCUSA
3Off Season05/10/196510:00 pmNBCUSA