Third Man

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Confessions of an Honest Man01/29/1959UK7
A Question of Price01/29/1959UK10
The Hollywood Incident02/04/1959UK
Death of an Overlord02/10/1959UK11
Sparks from a Dead Fire02/16/1959UK
The Trouble at Drill Hill02/20/1959UK6
The Man Who Died Twice02/26/1959UK9
The Angry Young Man03/04/1959UK
Dark Island03/10/1959UK
The Girl Who Didn't Know03/16/1959UK
The Third Medaillon03/20/1959UK
Castle in Spain03/26/1959UK
The Indispensible Man04/01/1959UK9
Listen for the Sound of a Witch04/08/1959UK9
A Man Takes a Trip04/15/1959UK7
A Pocketful of Sin04/20/1959UK1212
How to Buy a Country04/24/1959UK8
As the Twig Is Bent04/30/1959UK6
Broken Strings05/06/1959UK
Five Hours to Kill05/12/1959UK8
The Best Policy09/03/1959UK
One Kind Word09/07/1959UK
Three Dancing Turtles09/09/1959UK
An Offering of Pearls09/17/1959UK11
The Importance of Being Harry Lime09/24/1959UK
Barcelona Passage10/01/1959UK
A Collector's Item10/07/1959UK
Dinner in Paris10/13/1959UK
High Finance10/21/1959UK
Toys of the Dead10/27/1959UK11
The Man with Two Left Hands11/03/1959UK5
The Man Who Wouldn't Talk11/11/1959UK
A Deal in Oils11/18/1959 9:00 pmITAUSA10
The Tenth Symphony11/23/1959UK
An Experiment with Money11/27/1959UK
A Box of Eyes12/10/1959UK8
The Widow Who Wasn't12/17/1959UK6
Death in Small Installments12/22/1959UK7
Harry Lime and the King12/03/1960UK
A Question of Libel07/02/1962UK
The Cross of Candos07/16/1962UK
Happy Birthday08/13/1962UK
Queen of the Nile08/20/1962UK
A Calculated Risk03/30/1963UK
No Word for Danger04/06/1963UK
Lord Bradford04/13/1963UK
A King's Ransom04/20/1963UK
Hamburg Shakedown04/27/1963UK3
The Unexpected Mr. Lime 05/04/1963UK8
A Diamond in the Rough05/11/1963UK
Portrait of Harry05/18/1963UK
The Man in Power05/25/1963UK5
Meeting of the Board06/08/1963UK5
Hansel and Son06/15/1963UK3
An Act of Atonement07/13/1963UK
Ghost Town07/27/1963 7:00 pmBBCUK6
Gold Napoleons08/03/1963UK7
Bradford's Dream08/10/1963UK
The Way of McEagle08/17/1963UK8
Who Killed Harry Lime?08/24/1963UK4
A Question in Ice06/27/196410:30 pmBBC1UK9
I.O.U.07/04/196410:45 pmBBC1UK7
A Crisis in Crocodiles08/01/1964UK
Judas Coat08/08/1964UK6
A Little Knowledge08/15/1964UK
The Day of the Bullfighter08/22/1964UK6
Mars in Conjunction09/05/1964UK5
The Big Kill09/12/196410:45 pmBBC1UK6
Frame Up09/26/1964UK7
The Trial of Harry Lime07/16/1965UK
The House of Bon Bons08/06/1965UK
Man at the Top08/13/1965UK9
The Luck of Harry Lime08/27/1965UK