Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Siege02/19/1952
The Report02/26/1952
A Piece of Cake03/25/1952
Bunter on the Run07/09/1955
Bunter the Hypnotist07/23/1955
Lord Billy Bunter08/06/1955
Bunter Forgot08/20/1955
Bunter Takes the Blame09/03/1955
Bunter Knows How09/17/1955 5:25 pmBBCUK7
Backing Up Bunter09/09/1956
Bunter the Bold09/16/1956
Hunting Bunter09/30/1956
Bunter on the Warpath10/07/1956
Beastly for Bunter07/20/1957
Bunter the Ventriloquist08/03/1957
Bad Lad Bunter08/10/1957
Bunter Keeps It Dark08/17/1957
Bunter Does His Best08/31/1957
Phoney Bunter07/11/1959
Bunter Spells Trouble08/01/1959
Boastful Bunter08/03/1959
Treasure Hunter Bunter08/29/1959
Bunter the Hypnotist07/16/1960 5:25 pmBBCUK1
Brainy Bunter07/30/1960 5:25 pmBBCUK
Bunter Knows How!08/06/1960
Lord Billy Bunter08/13/1960
Toffee-Hunter Bunter09/10/1960
Backing-Up Bunter05/20/1961
Bold Bunter05/27/1961 5:20 pmBBCUK5
Double Bunter06/03/1961 5:20 pmBBCUK9
Hunter-Bunter06/10/1961 5:00 pmBBCUK5
Stowaway Bunter06/17/1961
Bunter Goes to Cairo06/24/1961
Bunter Goes to Venice07/01/1961
Bunter Goes to Naples07/15/1961 5:20 pmBBCUK
Bunter Goes to Nice07/22/1961 5:20 pmBBCUK