SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
A Covenant with Death10/02/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA11
The Weakling10/09/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA8
The Incurable One10/16/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA131
The Gentle Spies10/23/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA9
He Rises on Sunday and We on Monday10/30/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA9
To the Very End11/06/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA7
The Dragon Slayer11/09/1963 9:10 pmITVUK
The Whistling Shrimp11/20/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA12
The Light of a Friendly Star12/04/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA12
Festival of Pawns12/11/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA9
A Camel to Ride12/18/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA12
Never Turn Your Back on a Friend01/04/1964 9:10 pmITVUK7
Medal for a Turned Coat01/11/1964 9:10 pmITVUK21
The Final Decision01/18/1964 9:10 pmITVUK11
Do You Remember Leo Winters?01/29/1964UK
We the Hunted02/05/1964UK
The Frantick Rebel02/12/1964UK17
Snow on Mount Kama02/15/1964 9:10 pmITVUK11
Castles in Spain02/19/1964UK
Once a Spy...03/04/1964UK
The Liberators03/11/1964UK12
Some Other Kind of World03/14/1964 9:10 pmITVUK13
A Free Agent03/21/1964 9:10 pmITVUK10
A Tiny Drop of Poison05/20/1964UK