H.M.S. Paradise

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Captain, Art Thou Sleeping Above?07/16/1964UK
Come Out Lieutenant Ross Wherever You Are07/23/1964UK
An Officer and a Gentleman07/30/1964UK
The Sea Does Not Want Them08/06/1964UK
Don't Fire That Man, He's Loaded09/10/1964 7:30 pmITVUK7
You Have Been Listening to Radio Paradise09/17/1964 7:00 pmITVUK
And a Happy Bastille Day to You Too09/24/1964 7:00 pmITVUK10
In Which We Serve a Drop of the Hard Stuff10/01/1964 7:00 pmITVUK12
Mutiny on the Boonsey10/08/1964UK
Anybody Wanna Buy an Island?10/22/1964 6:30 pmITVUK12
Thar's Gold in Them Thar Holes10/29/1964 6:30 pmITVUK7
Twas on the Ghost Ship Venus11/05/1964 6:30 pmITVUK7
Our Man on Boonsey11/12/1964UK
There Is No Excuse for Slipshod Paperwork11/19/1964 6:30 pmITVUK
What Am I Offered for This Lot?11/26/1964 6:30 pmITVUK9
How to Try in Business Without Really Succeeding12/03/1964 6:30 pmITVUK6
Let That Be a Four Minute Warning to You12/10/1964UK
The New Lieutenant12/17/1964 7:30 pmITVUK7
Christmas Special: HMS Paradise Meets HMS Eagle12/24/1964UK
This Side Up - Use No Hooks12/31/1964UK
The Great Brain Robbery01/07/1965 6:30 pmITVUK