Marcus Welby, M.D.

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
A Matter of Humanities03/26/196910:00 pmABCUSA17
Hello, Goodbye, Hello09/23/196910:00 pmABCUSA9
The Foal09/30/196910:00 pmABCUSA10
Don't Ignore the Miracles10/07/196910:00 pmABCUSA7
Silken Threads and Silver Hooks10/14/196910:00 pmABCUSA11
All Flags Flying10/21/196910:00 pmABCUSA8
Echo of a Baby's Laugh10/28/196910:00 pmABCUSA11
The White Cane11/04/196910:00 pmABCUSA11
The Vrahnas Demon11/11/196910:00 pmABCUSA8
Madonna with Knapsack and Flute11/18/196910:00 pmABCUSA6
Homecoming11/25/196910:00 pmABCUSA11
Let Ernest Come Over12/09/196910:00 pmABCUSA15
The Chemistry of Hope12/16/196910:00 pmABCUSA10
Neither Punch nor Judy12/23/196910:00 pmABCUSA151
Diagnosis: Fear12/30/196910:00 pmABCUSA13
The Soft Phrase of Peace01/06/197010:00 pmABCUSA12
Fun and Games and Michael Ambrose01/13/197010:00 pmABCUSA7
The Legacy01/27/197010:00 pmABCUSA10
Dance to No Music02/03/197010:00 pmABCUSA10
Go Get 'Em, Tiger02/10/197010:00 pmABCUSA16
Nobody Wants a Fat Jockey02/17/197010:00 pmABCUSA9
The Other Side of the Chart02/24/197010:00 pmABCUSA11
The Merely Syndrome03/03/197010:00 pmABCUSA9
Sea of Security03/10/197010:00 pmABCUSA8
The Daredevil Gesture03/17/197010:00 pmABCUSA7
Enid03/24/197010:00 pmABCUSA6
The Rebel Doctor04/14/197010:00 pmABCUSA12
A Very Special Sailfish09/22/197010:00 pmABCUSA10
The Worth of a Man09/29/197010:00 pmABCUSA8
Warn the World About Mike10/06/197010:00 pmABCUSA8
Epidemic10/13/197010:00 pmABCUSA13
To Get Through the Night10/20/197010:00 pmABCUSA10
Daisy in the Shadows10/27/197010:00 pmABCUSA9
Labyrinth11/10/197010:00 pmABCUSA8
The Girl from Rainbow Beach11/17/197010:00 pmABCUSA8
Aura to a New Tomorrow11/24/197010:00 pmABCUSA7
Sounding Brass12/01/197010:00 pmABCUSA5
To Carry the Sun in a Golden Cup12/08/197010:00 pmABCUSA9
All the Golden Dandelions Are Gone12/15/197010:00 pmABCUSA14
Brave on a Mountain Top12/22/197010:00 pmABCUSA10
Another Buckle for Wesley Hill01/05/197110:00 pmABCUSA7
False Spring01/19/197110:00 pmABCUSA10
A Passing of Torches01/26/197110:00 pmABCUSA10
A Woman's Place02/02/197110:00 pmABCUSA10
A Spanish Saying I Made Up02/16/197110:00 pmABCUSA8
Cynthia02/23/197110:00 pmABCUSA17
Don't Kid a Kidder03/02/197110:00 pmABCUSA10
Elegy for a Mad Dog03/09/197110:00 pmABCUSA10
The Contract03/16/197110:00 pmABCUSA10
The Windfall03/23/197110:00 pmABCUSA6
The House of Alquist03/30/197110:00 pmABCUSA7
The Tender Comrade09/14/197110:00 pmABCUSA11
A Portrait of Debbie09/21/197110:00 pmABCUSA10
In My Father's House09/28/197110:00 pmABCUSA7
I Can Hardly Tell You Apart10/05/197110:00 pmABCUSA10
This Is Max10/12/197110:00 pmABCUSA6
Men Who Care: Part 110/19/197110:00 pmABCUSA14
Men Who Care: Part 210/21/197110:00 pmABCUSA23
Ask Me Again Tomorrow10/26/197110:00 pmABCUSA7
Don't Phase Me Out11/02/197110:00 pmABCUSA9
Echo from Another World11/09/197110:00 pmABCUSA7
The Best Is Yet to Be11/16/197110:00 pmABCUSA8
A Yellow Bird11/23/197110:00 pmABCUSA5
They Grow Up11/30/197110:00 pmABCUSA9
Of Magic Shadow Shapes12/07/197110:00 pmABCUSA13
Cross-Match12/14/197110:00 pmABCUSA13
The Basic Moment: Part 101/04/197210:00 pmABCUSA11
The Basic Moment: Part 201/11/197210:00 pmABCUSA11
All the Pretty People01/25/197210:00 pmABCUSA11
I'm Really Trying02/01/197210:00 pmABCUSA10
Is It So Soon That I Am Done for - I Wonder What I Was Begun For?02/08/197210:00 pmABCUSA10
Just a Little Courage02/15/197210:00 pmABCUSA5
Don't Talk About Darkness02/22/197210:00 pmABCUSA10
Once There Was a Bantu Prince02/29/197210:00 pmABCUSA6
A Taste of Salt03/07/197210:00 pmABCUSA8
Solomon's Choice03/14/197210:00 pmABCUSA9
A Fragile Possession09/12/197210:00 pmABCUSA10
Love Is When They Say They Need You09/19/197210:00 pmABCUSA6
We'll Walk Out of Here Together09/26/197210:00 pmABCUSA11
In Sickness and in Health10/03/197210:00 pmABCUSA6
House of Mirrors10/10/197210:00 pmABCUSA9
He Could Sell Iceboxes to Eskimos10/17/197210:00 pmABCUSA15
The Wednesday Game10/24/197210:00 pmABCUSA5
Don and Denise10/31/197210:00 pmABCUSA8
Please Don't Send Flowers11/14/197210:00 pmABCUSA13
With a Shout, Not a Whimper11/21/197210:00 pmABCUSA9
Jason Be Nimble, Jason Be Quick11/28/197210:00 pmABCUSA8
Unto the Next Generation12/05/197210:00 pmABCUSA9
Heartbeat for Yesterday12/12/197210:00 pmABCUSA8
Dinner of Herbs12/19/197210:00 pmABCUSA8
A More Exciting Case01/02/197310:00 pmABCUSA6
A Necessary End01/09/197310:00 pmABCUSA10
Who Are You Arthur Kolinski?01/16/197310:00 pmABCUSA10
Gemini Descending01/23/197310:00 pmABCUSA10
The Problem with Charlie01/30/197310:00 pmABCUSA9
Catch a Ring That Isn't There02/06/197310:00 pmABCUSA14
The Working Heart02/13/197310:00 pmABCUSA13
The Other Martin Loring02/20/197310:00 pmABCUSA10
The Day After Forever02/27/197310:00 pmABCUSA12
The Tortoise Dance03/06/197310:00 pmABCUSA9
The Panic Path09/11/197310:00 pmABCUSA8
A Joyful Song09/18/197310:00 pmABCUSA9
For Services Rendered09/25/197310:00 pmABCUSA7
Blood Kin10/02/197310:00 pmABCUSA10
The Light at the Threshold10/09/197310:00 pmABCUSA13
A Question of Fault10/16/197310:00 pmABCUSA14
Friends in High Places10/23/197310:00 pmABCUSA8
The Endless Moment10/30/197310:00 pmABCUSA8
The Tall Tree11/06/197310:00 pmABCUSA10
The Circles of Shame11/20/197310:00 pmABCUSA12
Nguyen11/27/197310:00 pmABCUSA9
A Cry in the Night12/11/197310:00 pmABCUSA8
Death Is Only a Side Effect12/18/197310:00 pmABCUSA13
The Comeback01/01/197410:00 pmABCUSA11
A Full Life01/08/197410:00 pmABCUSA10
No Charity for the MacAllisters01/15/197410:00 pmABCUSA12
Each Day a Miracle01/22/197410:00 pmABCUSA14
The Fear of Silence01/29/197410:00 pmABCUSA10
Angela's Nightmare02/05/197410:00 pmABCUSA13
The Mugging02/12/197410:00 pmABCUSA9
The Latch-Key Child02/19/197410:00 pmABCUSA8
Out of Control02/26/197410:00 pmABCUSA8
I've Promised You a Father: Part 103/05/197410:00 pmABCUSA9
I've Promised You a Father: Part 203/09/197410:00 pmABCUSA17
Designs05/12/197410:00 pmABCUSA7
The Brittle Warrior09/10/197410:00 pmABCUSA12
The Faith of Childish Things09/17/197410:00 pmABCUSA13
Last Flight to Babylon09/24/197410:00 pmABCUSA14
To Father a Child10/01/197410:00 pmABCUSA10
The Double-Edged Razor10/07/197410:00 pmABCUSA16
The Outrage10/08/197410:00 pmABCUSA13
The Fatal Challenge10/15/197410:00 pmABCUSA15
A Fevered Angel10/22/197410:00 pmABCUSA12
Feedback10/29/197410:00 pmABCUSA15
No Gods in Sight11/12/197410:00 pmABCUSA15
Hell Is Upstairs11/19/197410:00 pmABCUSA7
The Last Rip-Off11/26/197410:00 pmABCUSA13
Child of Silence12/03/197410:00 pmABCUSA17
The 266 Days12/10/197410:00 pmABCUSA14
The Resident12/17/197410:00 pmABCUSA16
Dark Fury: Part 101/07/197510:00 pmABCUSA11
Dark Fury: Part 201/14/197510:00 pmABCUSA15
Public Secrets01/21/197510:00 pmABCUSA12
The Time Bomb01/28/197510:00 pmABCUSA12
Four Plus Hot02/04/197510:00 pmABCUSA11
Jake's Okay02/11/197510:00 pmABCUSA6
Save the Last Dance for Me02/18/197510:00 pmABCUSA7
Unindicted Wife02/25/197510:00 pmABCUSA9
Dark Corridors03/04/197510:00 pmABCUSA11
Loser in a Dead Heat03/11/197510:00 pmABCUSA8
Tomorrow May Never Come09/09/197510:00 pmABCUSA10
The Fruitfulness of Mrs. Steffie Rhodes09/16/197510:00 pmABCUSA15
The Lie09/23/197510:00 pmABCUSA9
The Covenant09/30/197510:00 pmABCUSA14
To Live Another Day10/14/197510:00 pmABCUSA11
An End and a Beginning10/21/197510:00 pmABCUSA8
The Tidal Wave10/28/197510:00 pmABCUSA13
The Strange Behavior of Paul Kelland11/04/197510:00 pmABCUSA11
Calculated Risk11/11/197510:00 pmABCUSA9
Killers of Dreams11/18/197510:00 pmABCUSA8
The Medea Factor12/02/197510:00 pmABCUSA12
The One Face in the World12/09/197510:00 pmABCUSA10
Go Ahead and Cry12/16/197510:00 pmABCUSA7
Strike Two!01/06/197610:00 pmABCUSA12
How Do You Know What Hurts Me?01/13/197610:00 pmABCUSA11
Prisoner of the Island Cell: Part 101/20/197610:00 pmABCUSA13
Prisoner of the Island Cell: Part 201/27/197610:00 pmABCUSA13
The Highest Mountain02/17/197610:00 pmABCUSA19
To Trump an Ace02/24/197610:00 pmABCUSA10
All Passions Spent03/02/197610:00 pmABCUSA8
Aspects of Love04/27/197610:00 pmABCUSA13
Vanity Case05/04/197610:00 pmABCUSA9