SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Barefoot Girls on Bleeker Street
The Gang that Stole Manhattan
Shivaree on Delancey Street
The 42nd Cavalry
The Man with the Golden Hat
Lady on the Run
Return to the Alamo
Park Avenue Pirates
Showdown at Times Square
Three Guns for New York
The Sheik of Arami
The Day New York Turned Blue
Night of the Shark
Bonnie and McCloud
It was a Fight Before Christmas
The Great Taxi Cab Stampede
The Moscow Connection
London Bridges
The Concrete Jungle Caper11/24/197418
Who Killed Miss USA?02/17/197014
Who Says You Can't Make Friends in NYC?09/16/19702
Horse Stealing on Fifth Avenue09/23/197012
The Concrete Corral09/30/19709
The Stage is All the World10/07/19706
Walk in the Dark10/14/19707
Our Man in Paris10/21/197015
Encounter with Aries09/22/19712
Top of the World, Ma?11/03/197114
Somebody's Out to Get Jennie11/24/197110
The Disposal Man12/29/197115
A Little Plot, A Tranquil Valley01/12/197215
The Fifth Man in a String Quartet02/02/197215
Give My Regrets to Broadway02/23/197215
The New Mexico Connection10/01/1972
The Barefoot Stewardess Caper12/03/1972
The Park Avenue Rustlers12/24/1972
Showdown at the End of the World01/07/1973
The Million Dollar Roundup02/04/1973
Butch Cassidy Rides Again10/14/1973
The Solid Gold Swingers12/02/1973
Cowboy in Paradise01/20/1974
The Colorado Cattle Caper02/24/1974
This Must be the Alamo03/24/1974
McCloud Meets Dracula04/17/1977
The Return of Sam McCloud11/12/1989