SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Blood and Sand: The Red Serpent01/22/2010StarzUSA1613
1Blood and Sand: Sacramentum Gladiatorum01/29/2010StarzUSA19
1Blood and Sand: Legends02/05/2010StarzUSA211
1Blood and Sand: The Thing in the Pit02/12/2010StarzUSA22
1Blood and Sand: Shadow Games02/19/2010StarzUSA101
1Blood and Sand: Delicate Things02/26/2010StarzUSA22
1Blood and Sand: Great and Unfortunate Things03/05/2010StarzUSA7
1Blood and Sand: Mark of the Brotherhood03/12/2010StarzUSA211
1Blood and Sand: Whore03/19/2010StarzUSA6
1Blood and Sand: Party Favors03/26/2010StarzUSA8
1Blood and Sand: Old Wounds04/02/2010StarzUSA8
1Blood and Sand: Revelations04/09/2010StarzUSA20
1Blood and Sand: Kill Them All04/16/2010StarzUSA21
0Gods of the Arena: Past Transgressions01/21/2011StarzUSA35
0Gods of the Arena: Missio01/28/2011StarzUSA22
0Gods of the Arena: Paterfamilias02/04/2011StarzUSA24
0Gods of the Arena: Beneath the Mask02/11/2011StarzUSA23
0Gods of the Arena: Reckoning02/18/2011StarzUSA19
0Gods of the Arena: The Bitter End02/25/2011StarzUSA23
2Vengeance: Fugitivus01/27/2012StarzUSA36
2Vengeance: A Place in This World02/03/2012StarzUSA37
2Vengeance: The Greater Good02/10/2012StarzUSA41
2Vengeance: Empty Hands02/17/2012StarzUSA26
2Vengeance: Libertus02/24/2012StarzUSA28
2Vengeance: Chosen Path03/02/2012StarzUSA27
2Vengeance: Sacramentum03/09/2012StarzUSA26
2Vengeance: Balance03/16/2012StarzUSA24
2Vengeance: Monsters03/23/2012StarzUSA21
2Vengeance: Wrath of the Gods03/30/2012StarzUSA19
3War of the Damned: Enemies of Rome01/25/2013StarzUSA3229
3War of the Damned: Wolves at the Gate02/01/2013StarzUSA34
3War of the Damned: Men of Honor02/08/2013StarzUSA26
3War of the Damned: Decimation02/22/2013StarzUSA26
3War of the Damned: Blood Brothers03/01/2013StarzUSA26
3War of the Damned: Spoils of War03/08/2013StarzUSA22
3War of the Damned: Mors Indecepta03/15/2013StarzUSA22
3War of the Damned: Seperate Paths03/22/2013StarzUSA25
3War of the Damned: The Dead and the Dying04/05/2013StarzUSA24
3War of the Damned: Victory04/12/2013StarzUSA26