SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
The Machinery of Organisation02/27/1965
Out of the Mouths of Casual Labourers03/06/1965
The Mechanics of Piecework03/13/1965
No Automation Without Representation03/20/1965
A Democratic Democratism03/27/1965
And Never the Twine Shall Meet04/03/1965
A Host of Golden Casual Labourers10/02/1965
Eight and Thrupence10/09/1965 8:25 pmITVUK9
Little Tom10/16/1965 6:55 pmITVUK8
A Punting We Will Go10/23/1965 8:25 pmITVUK
Through a Glass Darkly10/30/1965 8:25 pmITVUK
The Man Who Moved His Head11/06/1965 9:30 pmITVUK12
I Just Don't Want to Get Involved11/13/1965 8:25 pmITVUK
Hello Cobbler12/29/1969
You Have Enjoyed the Sweets, Now You Must Suffer the Sours01/05/1970 9:30 pmITVUK12
The Seige of Kidney Street01/12/1970 9:30 pmITVUK7
Now Is the Time for All Left Legs01/19/1970
When Adam Delved and Eve Span01/26/1970
A Change Is as Good as a Rest08/06/1970
Breed in for Speed, Breed Out for Stamina08/13/1970
The Saucerer's Apprentice08/27/1970
Ma Chandelle, Est Morte09/03/1970
I Babble, Babble as I Flow to Join the Brimming River09/10/1970
No Room at the Inn for the Odd Couple Up the Staircase09/17/1970
Episode #5.110/07/1978
Episode #5.210/14/1978
Episode #5.310/21/1978
Episode #5.410/28/1978
Episode #5.511/04/1978
Episode #5.611/11/1978
Episode #5.711/18/1978
Episode #5.811/25/1978
A Worker's Christmas12/17/1978 5:00 pmITVUK