SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1Stop the World and Let Me Off10/04/1961Canada
Stop the World10/04/1961 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1In the Good Time10/25/1961Canada
1The Prizewinner11/01/1961Canada
The Exam11/17/1961 9:40 pmITVUK10
1The Salt of the Earth11/29/1961 8:00 pmCBCCanada2
Valerie12/01/1961 8:00 pmCBCCanada
The Exchange Teacher12/6/1961 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1Heir for a Shoestring12/07/1961Canada
The Cell 5 Experience12/08/1961 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1Love in Another Land12/13/1961Canada
Masterpiece12/22/1961 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1Private Potter12/27/1961Canada
1My Representative01/03/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1Nightmare01/10/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada11
The Town That Didn't Care01/15/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
That Gold Belongs to Uncle Angus01/29/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
The Big Wheel02/05/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
One Man to Beat02/12/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1Mr. Nobody02/14/1962Canada
1The Troubled Heart02/21/1962Canada
Power by Proxy02/26/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1The Square02/28/1962Canada
The Conquest of Cobbletown03/02/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
Some Talk of Alexander03/05/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon03/07/1962Canada
1The Eye Opener Man and the Wages of Zinn03/14/1962Canada
1After the Funeral03/21/1962Canada
1The Origin of the Species03/28/1962Canada
The Vigilante04/02/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1The Most Beautiful Girl in the World04/04/1962Canada
Great Expectations: Part One04/09/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
Great Expectations: Part Two04/16/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1Come to Me04/18/1962Canada
Love Story 191004/23/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
The Touch of Light04/30/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada3
1The Thirteenth Laird05/02/1962Canada
1The Aspern Papers05/09/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1The Prisoner05/16/1962Canada
1The Reluctant Angels05/23/1962Canada
None of Us is Perfect05/30/1962 8:00 pmCBCCanada
1None of Us Is Perfect05/30/1962Canada
1Hold My Hand, Soldier06/06/1962Canada
1The Gopher Colony06/13/1962Canada
1The Greatest Man in the World06/20/1962Canada
2The Gimmick10/04/1962Canada
2The Looking Glass World10/18/1962 9:00 pmCBCCanada2
2The Pinedus Affair10/25/1962Canada
2Mr. Oblomov11/01/1962Canada8
2The Broken Sky11/08/1962Canada
2Question of Fact11/15/1962Canada
2My Darling, My Darling, My Life and My Bride11/22/1962Canada
2No Fixed Abode12/06/1962Canada
2Two-Faced Angel12/13/1962Canada
2Rain in the Morning12/27/1962Canada
2The Old Ones01/03/1963Canada
2You Can't Win 'Em All01/10/1963 8:00 pmCBCCanada
2A Wicked, Wicked Woman01/17/1963Canada
2The Messenger01/31/1963 8:00 pmCBCCanada5
2Blue and White02/07/1963Canada
2The Ninety-Ninth Day02/14/1963Canada
2The Cowboy and Mr. Anthony03/07/1963Canada
2Don't Shake Your Family Tree03/14/1963Canada
2The Public Prosecutor05/09/1963Canada6
2My Son, the Doctor05/23/1963Canada
2The Night Conspirators05/30/1963Canada
2The Hunt06/06/1963Canada
2Men Don't Make Passes06/13/1963Canada
2Stone Boat06/27/1963Canada
2Call Me a Liar07/04/1963Canada
3The Day the Money Stopped10/07/1963Canada
3Not for Every Eye10/14/1963Canada
3With My Head Tucked Underneath My Arm10/28/1963Canada
3Willow Circle11/04/1963Canada
3The Typists11/18/1963Canada2
3A Suitable Case for Treatment12/02/1963Canada
3The Queen of Spades12/09/1963Canada
3The Critic12/23/1963Canada
3The Fight for Martin Wheeler12/30/1963Canada
3The Man Who Could Find Things01/13/1964Canada
3The Lover01/27/1964Canada
3Pastures of Plenty02/03/1964Canada
3No Sand for the Ostrich02/17/1964Canada
3Laburnum Grove02/24/1964Canada
3Man with a Rope03/02/1964Canada
3From Paradise Direct03/09/1964Canada
3The Sponge Room03/30/1964Canada
3Alias Jones04/13/1964 8:00 pmCBCCanada7
The Ninety-Nineth Day04/16/1964 8:00 pmCBCCanada
The Man Who Cheered the Leafs04/23/1964 8:00 pmCBCCanada
3Step Out of Darkness04/27/1964Canada
3The Front Room05/11/1964Canada
3Grubstake for the Eyeopener Man05/18/1964Canada
3The Stag05/25/1964Canada
3Image of Love06/01/1964Canada
3The One Day of the Year06/22/1964Canada
3A Night Out06/29/1964Canada
3The Royal Game07/20/1964Canada