SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Mission: Monte CarloUK174
1Overture09/17/1971 7:30 pmITVUK2824
1The Gold Napoleon09/24/1971 7:30 pmITVUK1514
1Take Seven10/01/1971 7:30 pmITVUK1514
1Greensleeves10/08/1971 7:30 pmITVUK1817
1Powerswitch10/15/1971 7:30 pmITVUK1413
1The Time and the Place10/22/1971 7:30 pmITVUK3330
1Someone Like Me10/29/1971 7:30 pmITVUK1514
1Anyone Can Play11/05/1971 7:30 pmITVUK1515
1The Old, the New and the Deadly11/12/1971 7:30 pmITVUK1414
1Angie..Angie11/19/1971 7:30 pmITVUK1212
1Chain of Events11/26/1971 7:30 pmITVUK2020
1That's Me Over There12/03/1971 7:30 pmITVUK1914
1The Long Goodbye12/10/1971 7:30 pmITVUK1918
1The Man in the Middle12/17/1971 7:30 pmITVUK1211
1Element of Risk12/24/1971 7:45 pmITVUK2121
1A Home of One's Own12/31/1971 7:30 pmITVUK88
1Five Miles to Midnight01/07/1972 7:30 pmITVUK1311
1Nuisance Value01/14/1972 7:30 pmITVUK1313
1The Morning After01/21/1972 7:30 pmITVUK1313
1Read and Destroy01/28/1972 7:30 pmITVUK1212
1A Death in the Family02/04/1972 7:30 pmITVUK1110
1The Ozerov Inheritance02/11/1972 7:30 pmITVUK1616
1To the Death, Baby02/18/1972 7:30 pmITVUK1110
1Someone Waiting02/25/1972 7:30 pmITVUK1414