Flash Gordon

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Flash Gordon and the Planet of Death01/24/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA1010
Escape into Time10/08/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
The Electro Man10/15/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA4
The Vengeance of Rabbeed10/22/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
Akim the Terrible11/05/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
The Claim Jumpers11/12/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
The Dancing Death11/19/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
The Breath of Death11/26/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
The Great Secret12/03/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
Flash Gordon and the Return of the Androids12/10/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA4
The Frightened King12/17/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
The Deadly Deception12/24/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
Duel Against Darkness12/31/1954 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
The Space Smugglers01/01/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA
The Sound Gun01/14/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
The Weapon That Walked01/21/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
Mission to Masca02/04/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
The Lure of Light02/11/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
The Rains of Death02/18/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
The Race Against Time02/25/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA4
The Witch of Neptune03/04/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA4
Flash Gordon and the Brain Machine03/11/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA4
Struggle to the End03/18/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA4
The Water World Menace03/25/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
Saboteurs from Space04/01/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
The Forbidden Experiment04/08/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3
Heat Wave04/15/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA
The Hunger Invasion04/22/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA
Encounter with Evil04/29/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA
The Matter Duplicator05/06/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA
The Micro-man Menace05/29/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA
Death in the Negative06/10/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA4
Deadline at Noon06/24/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA4
The Subworld Revenge07/15/1955 6:00 pmSyndicatedUSA3