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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1He'll Never See Daylight01/17/197510:00 pmABCUSA15
1The 5½ Pound Junkie01/24/197510:00 pmABCUSA
1Woman in the Harbor01/31/197510:00 pmABCUSA
1If You Can't Pay the Price...02/07/197510:00 pmABCUSA
1The Half-Million Dollar Baby02/14/197510:00 pmABCUSA
1Ragtime Billy Peaches02/28/197510:00 pmABCUSA16
1The Coppelli Oath03/07/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
1Walk Like You Talk03/14/197510:00 pmABCUSA
1The Mansion04/02/197510:00 pmABCUSA
1Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow04/09/197510:00 pmABCUSA
1The Secret of Terry Lake04/16/197510:00 pmABCUSA14
1This Ain't My Bag04/30/197510:00 pmABCUSA18
2The Goodbye Orphan Annie Blues09/10/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
2The Glory Game09/17/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
2On the Road09/24/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
2Nobody in a Nothing Place10/01/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
2The Fire Man10/08/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
2Double Image10/15/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
2Photography by John Doe10/22/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
2Set Up City10/29/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
2A Bite of the Apple11/05/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
2When Dues Come Down11/12/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
2The Big Hand's on Trouble11/19/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
2Count the Days I'm Gone11/26/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA
2Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth12/17/1975 9:00 pmABCUSA14
2The Left Hand of the Devil01/07/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
2Murder for Me01/14/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
2Pay or Die01/28/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
2The Blood Bond02/18/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
2The Dippers02/25/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
2Dead Man Out03/03/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA101
2Death on the Run03/17/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
2Aggie03/24/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
2And Down Will Come Baby04/28/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3The Ninja09/22/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Soldier in the Jungle09/29/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Runway Cowboy10/06/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Street Edition10/13/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To10/20/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Shoes10/27/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Under the City11/03/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Dear Tony11/10/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Crazy Annie11/24/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Nothin' for Nothin'12/01/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Can't Win for Losin'12/15/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Look Back in Terror12/22/1976 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Don't Kill the Sparrows01/12/1977 9:00 pmABCUSA
3That Sister Ain't No Cousin01/19/1977 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Open Season01/26/1977 9:00 pmABCUSA
3The Reunion02/02/1977 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Not on Our Block02/09/1977 9:00 pmABCUSA
3The Runaways02/16/1977 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Everybody Pays the Fare02/23/1977 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Think Mink03/09/1977 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Carla03/16/1977 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Big Bad Charlie03/30/1977 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Guns and Brothers04/06/1977 9:00 pmABCUSA
3Playin' Police05/04/1977 9:00 pmABCUSA
4New Girl in Town09/28/197710:00 pmABCUSA
4Somebody Killed Cock Robin10/05/197710:00 pmABCUSA
4All That Shatters10/19/197710:00 pmABCUSA
4The Sky Is Falling10/26/197710:00 pmABCUSA
4It's Hard But It's Fair11/02/197710:00 pmABCUSA
4Buddy11/16/197710:00 pmABCUSA
4Por Nada11/23/197710:00 pmABCUSA
4Make the Sun Shine11/30/197710:00 pmABCUSA
4Lyman P. Dokker, Fed12/07/197710:00 pmABCUSA
4It Goes with the Job12/21/197710:00 pmABCUSA
4Hot Horse01/04/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4Why Me?01/11/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4I'll Take You to Lunch01/18/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4It's a Boy02/02/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4Just for Laughs02/09/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4The Marker02/16/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4The Stone Conspiracy02/23/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4The Appointment03/09/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4Woman Trouble03/23/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4The Gadjo03/30/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4Barney04/06/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4The Dream05/04/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4The Snake Chaser05/11/197810:00 pmABCUSA
4The Bundle05/18/197810:00 pmABCUSA