Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Turtle Tracks12/14/198710
1Enter: The Shredder12/15/19879
1A Thing About Rats12/16/19879
1Hot-Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X12/17/198711
1Shredded & Splintered12/18/198712
2Return of the Shredder10/01/198811
2The Incredible Shrinking Turtles10/08/19889
2It Came from Beneath the Sewers10/15/198810
2The Mean Machines10/22/198810
2Curse of the Evil Eye10/29/19889
2Case of the Killer Pizzas11/05/19889
2Invasion of the Punk Frogs11/10/198810
2Enter: The Fly11/12/198810
2Splinter No More11/19/198810
2New York's Shiniest12/03/198810
2Teenagers from Dimension X12/10/198811
2The Catwoman from Channel Six12/17/198810
2Return of the Technodrome12/24/198810
3Beneath These Streets09/25/198918
3Turtles on Trial09/26/198910
3Attack of the 50-Foot Irma09/27/198910
3The Maltese Hamster09/28/19899
3Sky Turtles09/29/198910
3The Old Switcheroo10/02/198910
3Burne's Blues10/03/198910
3The Fifth Turtle10/04/198910
3Enter the Rat King10/05/19899
3Turtles at the Earth's Core10/06/19899
3April's Fool10/09/198910
3Attack of Big MACC10/10/19899
3The Ninja Sword of Nowhere10/11/19899
320,000 Leaks Under the City10/12/19899
3Take Me to Your Leader10/13/198910
3Four Musketurtles10/16/19899
3Turtles, Turtles Everywhere10/17/19899
3Cowabunga Shredhead10/18/19898
3Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers10/19/198910
3Camera Bugged10/20/198910
3Green with Jealousy10/23/19899
3Return of the Fly10/24/19898
3Casey Jones: Outlaw Hero10/25/19899
3Mutagen Monster10/26/19899
3Corporate Raiders from Dimension X10/27/19899
3Pizza by the Shred10/30/19899
3Super Rocksteady and Mighty Bebop10/31/19899
3Beware the Lotus11/01/198910
3Blast from the Past11/02/19898
3Leatherhead: Terror of the Swamp11/03/19899
3Michelangelo's Birthday11/06/19899
3Usagi Yojimbo11/07/198910
3Case of the Hot Kimono11/08/19899
3Usagi Come Home11/09/19899
3The Making of Metalhead11/10/19899
3Leatherhead Meets the Rat King11/13/19899
3The Turtle Terminator11/14/19898
3The Great Boldini11/15/19897
3The Missing Map11/16/19899
3The Gang's All Here11/17/19899
3The Grybyx11/20/19899
3Bye, Bye, Fly11/23/19899
3The Big Rip Off11/24/19899
3The Big Break In11/27/19899
3The Big Blow Out11/28/19899
3Mister Ogg Goes to Town12/15/19899
4Plan Six from Outer Space09/10/19909
4Turtles of the Jungle09/11/199010
4Michelangelo Toys Around09/12/19909
4Peking Turtle09/13/19909
4Shredder's Mom09/14/199010
4Four Turtles and a Baby09/17/199010
4Rondo in New York10/27/19908
4Planet of the Turtles11/03/19909
4Name That Toon11/10/199010
4Menace Maestro, Please11/17/19909
4Superhero for a Day11/24/19909
4Back to the Egg12/01/19908
4Son of Return of the Fly II12/08/199010
4Raphael Knocks 'em Dead12/15/19908
4Bebop and Rocksteady Conquer the Universe12/22/19909
4Raphael Meets His Match12/29/19907
4Slash: The Evil Turtle from Dimension X01/05/19919
4Leonardo Lightens Up01/12/19917
4Were-Rats from Channel 601/19/199110
4Funny, They Shrunk Michelangelo01/26/19918
4The Big Zipp Attack02/02/199110
4Donatello Makes Time02/09/19917
4Farewell Lotus Blossom02/16/19919
4Rebel Without a Fin02/23/19917
4Michelangelo Meets Bugman03/09/19917
4Poor Little Rich Turtle03/16/199110
4The Dimension X Story03/30/199110
4Donatello's Degree04/06/19918
4Leonardo Versus Tempestra04/20/19918
4Splinter Vanishes04/27/19918
4Raphael Drives 'em Wild05/04/19917
4Beyond the Donatello Nebula05/11/19917
4Big Bug Blunder05/18/199110
4The Foot Soldiers Are Revolting05/25/199110
4Unidentified Flying Leonardo06/01/19917
5My Brother, the Bad Guy09/14/19919
4The Turtles and the Hare09/16/19919
4Once Upon a Time Machine09/17/19919
5Michaelangelo Meets Mondo Gecko09/19/19917
5Enter Mutagen Man09/21/199110
5Michaelangelo Meets Bugman Again09/24/19919
5Muckman Messes Up09/25/199110
5Napoleon Bonafrog: Colossus of the Swamps09/26/19918
5Raphael Versus the Volcano09/27/19917
5Landlord of the Flies09/30/19919
5The Ice Creature Cometh10/02/199110
5Leonardo Cuts Loose10/03/19918
5Pirate Radio10/04/199110
5Raphael, Turtle of a Thousand Faces10/08/19918
5Leonardo, the Renaissance Turtle10/09/19917
5Zach and the Alien Invaders10/10/19918
5Welcome Back, Polarisoids10/14/19919
5Michelangelo, the Sacred Turtle10/15/19917
5Donatello's Duplicate10/19/19917
6Rock Around the Block09/14/19929
6Krangenstein Lives!09/21/199210
6Super Irma09/28/199210
6Adventures in Turtle-Sitting10/05/199210
6Sword of Yurikawa10/12/19929
6Return of the Turtleoid10/19/19928
6Shreeka's Revenge10/26/199210
6Too Hot to Handle11/02/19929
6Nightmare in the Lair11/09/19929
6Phantom of the Sewers11/16/19928
6Donatello Trashes Slash11/23/19928
6Leonardo Is Missing11/30/19929
6Snakes Alive!12/07/19927
6Polly Wanna Pizza12/14/19928
6Mr. Nice Guy12/21/19927
6Sleuth on the Loose12/28/19927
7The Irish Jig is Up10/09/199388
7Shredder's New Sword10/09/19931111
7Night of the Dark Turtle10/30/1993
7The Starchild11/06/1993
7Convicts from Dimension X11/13/1993
7Night of the Rogues11/20/1993
7Escape from the Planet of the Turtleoids11/27/1993
7Atlantis Awakes12/04/1993
7Invasion of the Krangazoids12/11/1993
7Shredder Triumphant12/18/1993
8Get Shredder!09/10/1994
8State of Shock09/24/1994
8Cry H.A.V.O.C.!10/01/1994
8H.A.V.O.C. in the Streets10/08/1994
8Enter: Krakus10/15/1994
8Wrath of the Rat King10/17/1994
8Cyber Turtles10/22/1994
8Turtle Trek10/29/1994
9The Unknown Ninja09/16/1995
9Dregg of the Earth09/23/1995
9The Wrath of Medusa09/30/1995
9The New Mutation10/07/1995
9The Showdown10/14/1995
9Carter, the Enforcer10/28/1995
10The Return of Dregg09/14/1996
10The Beginning of the End09/21/1996
10The Power of Three09/28/1996
10A Turtle in Time10/05/1996
10Turtles to the Second Power10/12/1996
10Mobster from Dimension X10/19/1996
10The Day Earth Disappeared10/26/1996
10Divide and Conquer11/02/1996