Tales of Mystery

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Terror of the Twins03/29/1961 8:55 pmITVUK1
1The Promise04/05/1961 8:50 pmITVUK5
1The Man Who Was Milligan04/12/1961 8:55 pmITVUK1
1The Tradition04/19/1961 8:55 pmITVUK4
1The Empty Sleeve04/26/1961 8:55 pmITVUK
1Accessory Before the Fact05/03/1961 8:50 pmITVUK
1The Woman's Ghost Story05/10/1961 8:55 pmITVUK6
1The Decoy05/17/1961 8:55 pmITVUK4
2Confession07/04/1962 9:15 pmITVUK1
2Chinese Magic07/11/1962 9:15 pmITVUK11
2Max Hensig07/18/1962 9:15 pmITVUK7
2The Man Who Found Out07/25/1962 9:15 pmITVUK4
2Nephele08/01/1962 9:15 pmITVUK13
2Ancient Sorceries08/08/1962 9:15 pmITVUK5
2Deferred Appointment08/15/1962UK
2The Pikestaffe Case08/22/1962UK
2The Telephone08/29/1962UK
2The Call09/05/1962UK
2Wolves of God09/12/1962UK
3Old Clothes01/10/1963UK
3The Doll01/17/1963UK
3Egyptian Sorcery01/24/1963UK
3The Damned01/31/1963UK
3The Second Generation02/07/1963UK
3A Case of Eavesdropping02/14/1963UK
3Petershin and Mr. Snide02/21/1963UK
3The Lodger02/28/1963 9:45 pmITVUK2
3The Insanity of Jones03/07/1963UK
3Dream Cottage03/14/1963UK