Adventures Of Sonic The Hedgehog

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Best Hedgehog09/06/199322
1Tails' New Home09/07/199322
1Submerged Sonic09/09/1993
1Pseudo Sonic09/10/1993
1Sonic Breakout09/13/1993
1Trail of the Missing Tails09/14/1993
1Lovesick Sonic09/15/1993
1Subterranean Sonic09/16/1993
1Grounder the Genius09/17/1993
1High Stakes Sonic09/20/1993
1Birth of a Salesman09/21/1993
1Big Daddy09/23/1993
1The Robotnik Express09/24/1993
1Momma Robotnik's Birthday09/27/1993
1Slowwww Going09/28/1993
1Blank-Headed Eagle09/29/1993
1Robotnik's Rival09/30/1993
1So Long Sucker10/01/1993
1Momma Robotnik Returns10/04/1993
1Too Tall Tails10/05/1993
1Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad10/06/1993245
1Magnificent Sonic10/07/1993
1Tails in Charge10/11/1993
1Musta Been a Beautiful Baby10/12/1993
1Sonic the Matchmaker10/13/1993
1Attack on Pinball Fortress10/14/1993
1The Last Resort10/15/1993
1The Coachnik10/18/1993
1Sonic Gets Thrashed10/19/1993
1Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind10/20/1993
1Tails Prevails10/21/1993
1Robotnik, Jr.10/22/1993
1The Magic Hassle10/25/1993
1Blackbot the Pirate10/26/1993
1Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table10/27/1993
1Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme10/28/1993
1Prehistoric Sonic10/29/1993
1Untouchable Sonic11/01/1993
1Mass Transit Trouble11/02/1993
1Sonically Ever After11/03/1993
1The Mystery of the Missing Hi-Tops11/04/1993
1Super Robotnik11/05/1993
1Spaceman Sonic11/09/1993
1Baby-Sitter Jitters11/11/1993
1Full-Tilt Tails11/12/1993
1Lifestyles of the Sick and Twisted11/15/1993
1Road Hog11/16/1993
1The Mobius 500011/17/1993
1Honey, I Shrunk the Hedgehog11/18/1993
1Sonic's Song11/19/1993
1Sno Problem11/22/1993
1Sonic Is Running11/23/1993
1Mad Mike, Da Bear Warrior11/24/1993
1The Little Merhog11/26/1993
1Fast and Easy11/30/1993
1Tails' Tale12/01/1993
1The Robot's Robot12/02/1993
1Hero of the Year12/03/1993