Ruff & Reddy Show

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Planet Pirates12/14/19578
1The Mastermind of Muni-Mula12/21/1957
1Muni Mula Mix-Up12/28/1957
1Surprise in the Skies01/04/1958
1Rocket Ranger Danger01/11/1958
1Irate Pirate01/18/1958
1Scarey Harry Safari01/25/1958
1Miles of Crocodiles02/01/1958
1The Gloom of Doom02/08/1958
1A Slight Fright on a Moonlight Night02/15/1958
1The Two Terrible Twins from Texas02/22/1958
1Heels on Wheels03/01/1958
1Ship Shape Sheep03/08/1958
1The Treasure of Doubloon03/15/1958
1The Late, Late Pieces of Eight03/22/1958
1Big Deal with a Small Seal03/29/1958
1Rescue in the Deep Blue04/05/1958
1Welcome Guest in a Treasure Chest08/05/1958
2Egg Yeggs12/13/1958
2Chickasaurus Crack-Up12/20/1958
2Chickasaurus Choo Choo12/27/1958
2Two Eyes Spy on the Guys01/03/1959
2Quick Trick Saves a Slick Chick01/10/1959
2Pint Size Surprise for the Guys01/17/1959
2Tricked and Trapped by a Tricky Trapper01/24/1959
2Nag in a Bag01/31/1959
2Show Biz Wiz02/07/1959
2Long Gone Leprechaun02/14/1959
2Afloat in a Moat with No Boat02/21/1959
2Going, Going, GOon02/28/1959
2Bing Bang Boom in a Real Small Room03/07/1959
2Missile Fizzle03/14/1959
2Polar Bear Scare03/21/1959
2Beep-Beep from the Deep-Deep03/28/1959
2Bull Fight Fright04/04/1959
3Dizzy Deputies12/12/1959
3Chip Off the Ol' Chopper12/19/1959
3Boom Boom Doom12/26/1959
3Looks Like the End for a Cotton Pickin' Friend01/02/1960
3Trapped and Snapped Sap01/09/1960
3The Secret Bizz of Professor Gizz01/16/1960
3Gun, Gun, Who's Got the Gun?01/23/1960
3Gold Data in the Sub-strata01/30/1960
3Sneaky Knaves in the Caves02/06/1960
3A Tisket, a Tasket, Who Lost Their Basket?02/13/1960
3A Bird in Hand Is a Handy Bird02/20/1960
3Off on a Toot with the Loot to Boot03/05/1960
3Misguided Missile03/12/1960
3Button, Button, Who Pushed the Button?03/19/1960
3Little Guys Are a Big Surprise03/26/1960
3Things Get Tuff for Ruff--Sure 'Nuff04/02/1960