Dangerous Assignment

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Alien Smuggler Story01/01/195197
1The Submarine Story01/02/19511312
1Displaced Persons Story01/03/19511210
1The Memory Chain01/04/1951
1The Manager Story01/05/1951
1The Key Story01/06/1951
1The Bhandara Story01/07/1951
1The Salami Story01/01/1952
1The Mine Story01/02/1952
1The Italian Love Story01/03/1952
1The Blood Stained Feather Story01/04/1952
1The Burma Temple Story01/05/1952
1The Sunflower Seed Story01/06/1952
1The Caboose Story01/07/1952
1The Missing Diplomat Story01/08/1952
1The Briefcase Story01/09/1952
1The Civil War Map Story01/10/1952
1The Piece of String Story01/11/1952
1The Iron Banner Story01/12/1952
1The Parachute Story01/14/1952
1The Stolen Letter01/15/1952
1The Venetian Story01/16/1952
1The Havana Microfilm Story05/19/1952
1The Bodyguard Story03/10/19521312
1The Art Treasure Story03/17/195298
1The Death in the Morgue Story03/24/19527
1The Atomic Mine Story03/31/195210
1The Red Queen Story04/07/19525
1The One Blue Chip Story04/14/19529
1The Assassin Ring Story04/21/195210
1The Lagoon Story04/28/19526
1The Black Hood Story05/05/19526
1The Pat and Mike Story05/12/19526
1The Perfect Alibi05/26/19527
1The Knitting Needle Story06/02/19529
1The Paris Sewer Story06/09/19525
1The Decoy Story06/16/19527
1The Archeological Story06/23/19528
1The Dead General Story10/01/19526