Hardcastle and McCormick

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Rolling Thunder: Part 109/18/198322
Rolling Thunder: Part 209/18/198320
1Man in a Glass House09/25/1983
1The Crystal Duck10/02/1983
1Goin' Nowhere Fast10/09/1983
1The Black Widow10/16/1983
1The Boxer10/23/1983
1Once Again with Vigorish10/30/1983
1Killer B's11/06/1983
1The Prince of Fat City11/13/1983
1Flying Down to Rio12/04/1983
1Just Another Round of That Old Song12/11/1983
1Third Down and Twenty Years to Life01/01/1984
1Whistler's Pride01/08/1984
1Mr. Hardcastle Goes to Washington01/15/1984
1School for Scandal01/29/1984
1The Georgia Street Motors02/05/1984
1The Homecoming: Part 103/04/1984
1The Homecoming: Part 203/11/1984
1Did You See the One That Got Away?03/18/1984
1Really Neat Cars and Guys with a Sense of Humor03/25/1984
1Scared Stiff04/01/1984
2Outlaw Champion09/23/1984
2Ties My Father Sold Me09/30/1984
2You Would Cry Too, If It Happened to You10/07/1984
2Never My Love10/28/1984
2Whatever Happened to Guts?11/04/1984
2You and the Horse You Rode in On11/18/1984
2One of the Girls from Accounting11/25/1984
2It Coulda Been Worse, She Coulda Been a Welder12/02/1984
2Hate the Picture, Love the Frame12/09/1984
2Pennies from a Dead Man's Eyes12/31/1984
2There Goes the Neighborhood01/07/1985
2Too Rich and Too Thin01/14/1985
2What's So Funny?01/21/1985
2Hardcastle, Hardcastle, Hardcastle and McCormick02/04/1985
2The Long Ago Girl02/11/1985
2You Don't Hear the One That Gets You02/18/1985
2The Birthday Present02/25/1985
2Surprise on Seagull Beach03/04/1985
2Undercover McCormick03/11/1985
2The Game You Learn from Your Father03/18/1985
2Angie's Choice04/01/1985
3She Ain't Deep But She Sure Runs Fast09/23/1985
3Faster Heart09/30/1985
3The Yankee Clipper10/07/1985
3Something's Going on on This Train10/14/1985
3The Career Breaker10/28/1985
3Do Not Go Gentle11/04/1985
3Games People Play11/11/1985
3Strangle Hold11/18/1985
3You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful, and You're His11/25/1985
3Mirage a Trois12/02/1985
3Conventional Warfare12/09/1985
3Duet for Two Wind Instruments12/16/1985
3If You Could See What I See01/06/1986
3Hardcastle for Mayor01/13/1986
3When I Look Back on All the Things02/03/1986
3Brother, Can You Spare a Crime?02/10/1986
3Round Up the Old Gang02/17/1986
3McCormick's Bar and Grill02/24/1986
3Poker Night03/03/1986
3In the Eye of the Beholder03/17/1986
3The Day the Music Died03/31/1986
3A Chip Off the Ol' Milt05/05/1986