SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1And the Crown of King Arthur12/07/2014USA20
1And the Sword in the Stone12/07/2014USA
1And the Horns of a Dilemma12/14/2014USA
1And Santa's Midnight Run12/21/2014TNTUSA2323
1And the Apple of Discord12/28/2014TNTUSA
1And the Fables of Doom01/04/2015TNTUSA
1And the Rule of Three01/11/2015TNTUSA7
1And the Heart of Darkness01/11/2015TNTUSA7
1And the City of Light01/18/2015TNTUSA8
1And the Loom of Fate01/18/2015TNTUSA
2And the Drowned Book11/01/2015TNTUSA
2And the Broken Staff11/01/2015TNTUSA
2And What Lies Beneath the Stones11/08/2015TNTUSA
2And the Cost of Education11/15/2015TNTUSA
2And the Hollow Men11/22/2015TNTUSA
2And the Infernal Contract11/29/2015TNTUSA
2And the Image of Image12/06/2015TNTUSA
2And the Point of Salvation12/13/2015TNTUSA
2And the Happily Ever Afters12/20/2015TNTUSA
2And the Final Curtain12/27/2015TNTUSA
3And the Rise of Chaos11/20/2016TNTUSA
3And the Fangs of Death11/27/2016TNTUSA
3And the Reunion of Evil12/04/2016TNTUSA
3And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy12/11/2016TNTUSA
3And the Tears of a Clown12/18/2016TNTUSA
3And the Trial of the Triangle12/25/2016TNTUSA
3And the Curse of Cindy01/01/2017TNTUSA
3And the Eternal Question01/08/2017TNTUSA
3And the Fatal Separation01/15/2017TNTUSA
3And the Wrath of Chaos01/22/2017TNTUSA11