Father Murphy

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Father Murphy11/03/1981
1Eggs, Milk and a Dry Bed11/10/1981
1Establish Thou the Works of Our Hands11/17/1981
1A Horse from Heaven11/24/1981
1By the Bear That Bit Me: Part 112/01/1981
1By the Bear That Bit Me: Part 212/08/1981
1False Blessings12/15/1981
1The Ghost of Gold Hill12/22/1981
1Will's Surprise01/12/1982
1Eighty-Eight Keys to Happiness01/19/1982
1Knights of the White Camelia02/02/1982
1The Parable of Amanda02/09/1982
1The Spy02/16/1982
1The Heir Apparent02/23/1982
1In God's Arms03/02/1982
1The Dream Day03/14/1982
1Matthew and Elizabeth03/28/1982202
1The First Miracle: Part 104/04/1982
1The First Miracle: Part 204/11/1982
2Happiness Is...09/28/1982
2The Father Figure10/05/1982
2Stopover in a One-Horse Town10/26/1982
2Outrageous Fortune11/09/1982
2The Reluctant Runaway: Part 111/16/1982
2The Reluctant Runaway: Part 211/23/1982
2Buttons and Beaux11/30/1982
2John Michael Murphy, R.I.P.12/07/1982
2The Witness12/14/1982
2Blood Right12/21/1982
2Sweet Sixteen12/28/1982
2The Rockets' Red Glare06/01/1983
2The Matchmakers09/18/1983