Beverly Hillbillies

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Clampetts Strike Oil09/26/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA122
1Getting Settled10/03/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
1Meanwhile, Back at the Cabin10/10/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
1The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale10/17/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
1Jed Buys Stock10/24/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
1Trick or Treat10/31/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA12
1The Servants11/07/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
1Jethro Goes to School11/14/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA10
1Elly's First Date11/21/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
1Pygmalion and Elly11/28/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
1Elly Races Jethrine12/05/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
1The Great Feud12/12/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
1Home for Christmas12/19/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA1412
1No Place Like Home12/26/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
1Jed Rescues Pearl01/02/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
1Back to Californy01/09/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA10
1Jed's Dilemma01/16/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
1Jed Saves Drysdale's Marriage01/23/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
1Elly's Animals01/30/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA1712
1Jed Throws a Wingding02/06/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
1Jed Plays Solomon02/13/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
1Duke Steals a Wife02/20/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA12
1Jed Buys the Freeway02/27/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
1Jed Becomes a Banker03/06/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA10
1The Family Tree03/13/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
1Jed Cuts the Family Tree03/20/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
1Granny's Spring Tonic03/27/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
1Jed Pays His Income Tax04/03/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
1The Clampetts and the Dodgers04/10/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
1Duke Becomes a Father04/17/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
1The Clampetts Entertain04/24/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
1The Clampetts in Court05/01/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
1The Clampetts Get Psychoanalyzed05/08/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
1The Psychiatrist Gets Clampetted05/15/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
1Elly Becomes a Secretary05/22/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
1Jethro's Friend05/29/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
2Jed Gets the Misery09/25/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
2Hair-Raising Holiday10/02/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
2Granny's Garden10/09/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA87
2Elly Starts to School10/16/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA10
2The Clampett Look10/23/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
2Jethro's First Love10/30/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
2Chickadee Returns11/06/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
2The Clampetts are Overdrawn11/13/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
2The Clampetts Go Hollywood11/20/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
2Turkey Day11/27/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
2The Garden Party12/04/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA1111
2Elly Needs a Maw12/11/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
2The Clampetts Get Culture12/18/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
2Christmas at the Clampetts12/25/1963 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
2A Man for Elly01/01/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
2The Giant Jackrabbit01/08/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
2The Girl from Home01/15/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
2Lafe Lingers On01/22/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
2The Race for Queen02/05/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA10
2Lafe Returns02/12/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
2Son of Lafe Returns02/19/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
2The Clampetts Go Fishing02/26/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
2The Critter Doctor03/11/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
2A Bride for Jed03/18/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
2Granny vs. The Weather Bureau03/25/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA1313
2Another Neighbor04/01/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA10
2The Bank Raising04/08/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
2The Great Crawdad Hunt04/15/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
2The Dress Shop04/22/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
2The House of Granny04/29/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA10
2The Continental Touch05/06/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
2Jed, Incorporated05/13/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
2Granny Learns to Drive05/20/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
2Cabin in Beverly Hills05/27/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
2Jed Foils a Home Wrecker06/03/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
2Jethro's Graduation06/10/1964 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
3Jed Becomes a Movie Mogul09/23/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA12
3Clampett City09/30/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA2018
3Clampett City General Store10/07/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
3Hedda Hopper's Hollywood10/14/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
3Doctor Jed Clampett10/21/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
3Jed the Heartbreaker10/28/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA6
3Back to Marineland11/04/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3Teenage Idol11/11/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
3The Ballet11/25/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
3The Boarder12/09/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
3The Boarder Stays12/16/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
3Start the New Year Right12/29/1964 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3Clampett General Hospital01/06/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
3The Movie Starlet01/13/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
3Elly in the Movies01/20/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA11
3Dash Riprock, You Cad01/27/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA12
3Clampett A-Go-Go02/03/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
3Granny's Romance02/17/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
3Jed's Temptation02/24/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
3Double Naught Jethro03/03/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3Clampett's Millions03/10/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3Drysdale's Dog Days03/17/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
3Brewster's Honeymoon03/24/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3Flatt, Clampett, and Scruggs03/31/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA5
3Jed and the Countess04/14/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
3Big Daddy, Jed04/21/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3Cool School Is Out04/28/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3The Big Bank Battle05/05/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3The Clampetts vs. Automation05/12/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3Luke's Boy05/26/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
3The Brewsters Return06/02/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
3Jed, the Bachelor06/09/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
3The Art Center06/16/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
4Admiral Jed Clampett09/15/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA11
4That Old Black Magic09/22/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
4The Sheik09/29/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA11
4The Private Eye10/06/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
4Possum Day10/13/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
4The Possum Parade10/20/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
4The Clampetts Play the Rams10/27/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
4The Courtship of Elly11/03/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
4A Real Nice Neighbor11/10/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
4The Poor Farmer11/17/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
4Hoe Down A-Go-Go11/24/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
4Mrs. Drysdale's Father12/01/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
4Mr. Farquhar Stays On12/08/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
4Military School12/15/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
4The Common Cold12/29/1965 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
4The Richest Woman01/05/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
4The Trotting Horse01/12/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
4The Cat Burglar01/26/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA1010
4The Big Chicken02/02/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
4Sonny Drysdale Returns02/09/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
4Brewster's Baby02/16/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
4The Great Jethro02/23/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
4The Old Folks Home03/02/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA6
4Flatt and Scruggs Return03/16/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
4The Folk Singers03/23/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
4The Beautiful Maid03/30/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
4Jethro's Pad04/06/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
4The Bird-Watchers04/13/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA1010
4Jethro Gets Engaged04/20/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA13
4Granny Tonics a Bird-Watcher04/27/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
4Jethro Goes to College05/18/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
5The Party Line09/14/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
5The Soup Contest09/21/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
5Jethro Takes Love Lessons09/28/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA6
5The Badger Game10/05/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
5The Badgers Return10/12/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
5The Gorilla10/19/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
5Come Back, Little Herby10/26/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA
5Jed in Politics11/02/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
5Clampett Cha Cha Cha11/09/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
5Jed Joins the Board11/16/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA13
5Granny Lives It Up11/23/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
5The Gloria Swanson Story11/30/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA13
5The Woodchucks12/07/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA151
5Foggy Mountain Soap12/14/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
5The Christmas Present12/21/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
5The Flying Saucer12/28/1966 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
5The Mayor of Bug Tussle01/04/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
5Granny Retires01/11/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA88
5The Clampett Curse01/18/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
5The Indians Are Coming02/01/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
5The Marriage Machine02/08/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
5Elly Comes Out02/15/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
5The Matador02/22/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
5The Gypsy's Warning03/01/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
5His Royal Highness03/08/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
5The Doctors03/22/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
5Delovely and Scruggs03/29/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
5The Dahlia Feud04/12/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
6Jed Inherits a Castle09/06/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
6The Clampetts in London09/13/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA11
6Clampett Castle09/20/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
6Robin Hood of Griffith Park09/27/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
6Robin Hood and the Sheriff10/04/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
6Greetings from the President10/11/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
6The Army Game10/18/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
6Mr. Universe Muscles In10/25/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
6A Plot for Granny11/01/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA6
6The Social Climbers11/08/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
6The Reserve Program11/22/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
6The South Rises Again11/29/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
6Jethro in the Reserves12/06/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
6Cimarron Drip12/13/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
6Corn Pone Picassos12/20/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA11
6The Clampetts Play Cupid12/27/1967 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
6The Housekeeper01/03/1968 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
6The Diner01/10/1968 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
6Topless Anyone?01/17/1968 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
6The Great Snow01/24/1968 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
6The Rass'lin Clampetts01/31/1968 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
6The Great Tag-Team Match02/07/1968 8:30 pmCBSUSA13
6The Clampetts Fiddle Around02/21/1968 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
6The Soap Opera03/06/1968 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
6Dog Days03/13/1968 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
6The Crystal Gazers03/20/1968 8:30 pmCBSUSA6
6From Rags to Riches03/27/1968USA8
6Cousin Roy04/03/1968USA7
7A Bundle for Britain09/25/1968USA9
7Something for the Queen10/02/1968USA13
7War of the Roses10/09/1968USA12
7Coming Through the Rye10/16/1968USA10
7The Ghost of Clampett Castle10/23/1968 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
7Granny Goes to Hooterville10/31/1968 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
7The Italian Cook11/06/1968 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
7The Great Cook-Off11/13/1968 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
7Bonnie, Flatt, and Scruggs11/20/1968 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
7The Thanksgiving Story11/27/1968 9:00 pmCBSUSA17
7The Courtship of Homer Noodleman12/04/1968 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
7The Hot Rod Truck12/11/1968 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
7The Week Before Christmas12/18/1968 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
7Christmas in Hooterville12/25/1968 9:00 pmCBSUSA14
7Drysdale and Friend01/01/1969 9:00 pmCBSUSA13
7Problem Bear01/08/1969 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
7Jethro the Flesh Peddler01/22/1969 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
7Cousin Roy in Movieland01/29/1969 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
7Jed Clampett Enterprises02/05/1969 9:00 pmCBSUSA10
7The Phantom Fifth Floor02/12/1969 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
7The Hired Gun02/19/1969 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
7The Happy Bank02/26/1969 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
7Sam Drucker's Visit03/05/1969 9:00 pmCBSUSA10
7The Guru03/12/1969 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
7The Jogging Clampetts03/19/1969 9:00 pmCBSUSA8
7Collard Greens An' Fatback03/26/1969 9:00 pmCBSUSA10
8Back to the Hills09/24/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
8The Hills of Home10/01/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA11
8Silver Dollar City Fair10/08/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
8Jane Finds Elly a Man10/15/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
8Wedding Plans10/22/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
8Jed Buys Central Park10/29/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
8The Clampetts in New York11/05/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
8Manhattan Hillbillies11/12/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
8Home Again11/19/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
8Shorty Kellems Moves West11/26/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
8Midnight Shorty12/03/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
8Shorty Go Home12/10/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
8The Hero12/17/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
8Our Hero the Banker12/24/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
8Buzz Bodine, Boy General12/31/1969 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
8The Clampett-Hewes Empire01/07/1970 8:30 pmCBSUSA11
8What Happened to Shorty?01/14/1970 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
8Marry Me, Shorty01/21/1970 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
8Shorty Spits the Hook01/28/1970 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
8Three-Day Reprieve02/04/1970 8:30 pmCBSUSA10
8The Wedding02/11/1970 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
8Annul That Marriage02/18/1970 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
8Hotel for Women02/25/1970 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
8Simon Legree Drysdale03/04/1970 8:30 pmCBSUSA7
8Honest John Returns03/11/1970 8:30 pmCBSUSA8
8Honesty Is the Best Policy03/18/1970 8:30 pmCBSUSA9
9The Pollution Solution09/15/1970 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
9The Clampetts in Washington09/22/1970 7:30 pmCBSUSA9
9Jed Buys the Capitol09/29/1970 7:30 pmCBSUSA9
9Mark Templeton Arrives10/06/1970 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
9Don't Marry a Frogman10/13/1970 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
9Doctor, Cure My Frog10/27/1970 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
9Do You, Elly, Take This Frog?11/10/1970 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
9Shorty to the Rescue11/17/1970 7:30 pmCBSUSA
9Welcome to the Family11/24/1970 7:30 pmCBSUSA9
9The Great Revelation12/01/1970 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
9The Grunion Invasion01/05/1971 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
9The Girls from Grun01/12/1971 7:30 pmCBSUSA9
9The Grun Incident01/19/1971 7:30 pmCBSUSA10
9Women's Lib01/26/1971 7:30 pmCBSUSA9
9The Teahouse of Jed Clampett02/02/1971 7:30 pmCBSUSA11
9The Palace of Clampett-San02/09/1971 7:30 pmCBSUSA10
9Lib and Let Lib02/16/1971 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
9Elly, the Working Girl02/23/1971 7:30 pmCBSUSA7
9Elly, the Secretary03/02/1971 7:30 pmCBSUSA6
9Love Finds Jane Hathaway03/09/1971 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
9The Clampetts Meet Robert Audubon Getty Crockett03/16/1971 7:30 pmCBSUSA8
9Jethro Returns03/23/1971 7:30 pmCBSUSA7