Prom Queen

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Long Walk04/02/20071
1Teenage Wasteland: The Video Yearbook04/03/200711
1Winning Streak04/04/2007
1Game Day Ritual04/05/2007
1Home Sweet Home04/06/2007
1Pool Party04/07/2007
1The Committee04/09/2007
1Josh's Place04/11/2007
1Two Loners04/12/2007
1Mother of the Year04/13/2007
1Sex on the Beach04/14/2007
1Daddy Iraq04/15/2007
1Flunk Prom04/16/2007
1Play with Me04/17/2007
1U Should Come04/18/2007
1Take Off Your Shirt04/19/2007
1Kiss Her04/20/2007
1Off Like a Prom Dress04/21/2007
1Flashing Fancy04/22/2007
1In Josh's Case04/23/2007
12 Shades of Pink04/24/2007
1The Breaking Point04/27/2007
1You Can't Hurt Me04/28/2007
1Sadie's Little Secret04/29/2007
1Best Friends for Never04/30/2007
1Forget Lauren05/01/2007
1Sleeping with Danica05/02/2007
1Hard to Believe05/03/2007
1Learning Swerve05/04/2007
1Mi Amor No More05/05/2007
1This Is How I Cry05/06/2007
1Prank Day05/07/2007
1Going Deeper05/08/2007
1Back Seat Heat05/09/2007
1Sweet Dreams05/10/2007
1Sexy Teen Jenna05/11/2007
1Courtney's Secret05/12/2007
1Mother's Day05/13/2007
1You Screwed Me05/14/2007
1The Big Game05/16/2007
1The Big Loss05/17/2007
1Something's Going Down05/18/2007
1A Date with Fate05/19/2007
1Kiss and Tell All05/20/2007
1More Than Willing05/21/2007
1The Royal Court05/22/2007
1How Does It Feel?05/23/2007
1The Truth About Josh05/24/2007
1School Spirit05/25/2007
1The First Time05/26/2007
1High Hopes05/27/2007
1Queen 4 a Day05/28/2007
1The Anti-Promise05/29/2007
1Test Me05/31/2007
1Take It and Go06/02/2007
1Sister Ally06/03/2007
1In Trouble06/04/2007
1My Fair Sadie06/05/2007
1Out of Control06/06/2007
1Judgement Day06/06/2007
1Naked 'n the Rain06/07/2007
1Skin Deep06/08/2007
1The Prom: Part One06/09/2007
1The Prom: Part Two06/10/2007
1The Prom: Part Three06/11/2007
1The Prom: Part 406/12/2007
1The Prom: Part Five06/13/2007
1The Prom: Part 606/14/2007
1The Prom: Part 706/14/2007
1The Prom: Part 806/16/2007
1The Prom: Part 906/17/2007
1Green with Envy06/18/2007
1Ashes to Ashes06/19/2007
1Bad Girl06/20/2007
2Lost and Bound08/27/2007
2Forced Entry08/28/2007
2Mystery Girl08/29/2007
2Sexy Bikini08/30/2007
2Put Your Hands on Me09/03/2007
2Bedroom Eyes09/04/2007
2Episode #2.809/05/2007
2Episode #2.909/06/2007
2Episode #2.1009/07/2007
2The Tooth Fairy09/10/2007
2Ruse Awakening09/12/2007
2Letting Go09/14/2007
3Take Off My Shirt10/12/2012
3#1 Girl10/12/2012
3Satellite of Lust10/21/2012
3Let Me In10/21/2012
3Naked in the Sun10/28/2012
3Far and Few Between10/28/2012
3Reality Bites11/04/2012
3Cry Some More11/04/2012
3Starting Over11/04/2012
3Poker Face11/11/2012
3Close Encounters11/11/2012
3Sexy Models11/11/2012