Quick Draw McGraw

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Baby Rattled/Million Dollar Robbery/Lamb Chopped09/28/19592
1Bad Guy's Disguise/Puss and Booty/High and Flighty10/05/1959
1Nag Nag Nag/Masking for Trouble/Switch Witch10/12/1959
1Fee Fi Fo Fumble/Augie the Watch Dog/Bow-Wow Bandit10/19/1959
1Scat, Scout, Scat/Disappearing, Inc./Big Top Pop10/26/1959
1In the Picnic of Time/Scary Prairie/Desperate Diamond Dimwits11/02/1959
1Slippery Glass Slipper/Talk it Up Pup/El Kabong11/09/1959
1Choo-Choo Chumps/Big Diaper Caper/Good Mouse Keeping11/16/1959
1Foxhound Hounded Fox/Riverboat Shuffled/Masquerader Raider11/23/1959
1Real Gone Ghosts/Skunk You Very Much/Cattle Battle Rattled11/30/1959
1Double Barrel Double/Flea and Me/Tee Vee or Not Tee Vee12/07/1959
1Pop's Nature Pup/City Slicker/Not So Dummy12/14/1959
1Motor Knows Best/Whatever Goes Pup/El Kabong Strikes Again12/21/1959
1Six Gun Spook/Cloudy Rowdy/Pup Plays Pop12/28/1959
1Cat Happy Pappy/Sagebrush Brush/Adventure Is My Hobby01/04/1960
1Gopher Goofers/Pipsqueak Pop/Gun Gone Goons01/11/1960
1Dizzy Desperado/Monkey Wrenched/Fan Clubbed01/18/1960
1Gone to the Ducks/Doggone Prairie Dog/Impossible Imposters01/25/1960
1Snap Happy Saps/Ro-Butler/Treasure of El Kabong02/01/1960
1Bronco Bustin' Boobs/The Case of the Purloined Parrot/Mars Little Precious02/08/1960
1Crow Cronies/Locomotive Loco/The Lion is Busy02/15/1960
1Doggone Dog Done/Swat's the Matter/Elephant Boy Oh Boy02/22/1960
1The Lyin' Lion/Laughing Guess/Fuss an' Feathers02/29/1960
1Peck o' Trouble/Bull Leave Me/Poodle-Toodle-oo!03/07/1960
1Hula Hula Hulabaloo/Hum Sweet Hum/Kabong Kabong's Kabong03/14/1960
1Chopping Spree/Wild Man Wild!/Snagglepuss03/21/1960
2El Kabong Meets El Kazing/Yuk-Yuk Duck/Ala-Kazoop!09/10/1960
2Bullet Proof Galoot/It's a Mice Day/Hop to It09/17/1960
2Two Too Much/Bud Brothers/Fleas Be Careful09/24/1960
2Twin Troubles/Pint Giant/De-Duck-Tives10/01/1960
2Ali-Baba Looey/It's a Worm Day/Big Shot Blab10/08/1960
2Shooting Room Only/Patient Pop/Observant Servants10/15/1960
2Yippee Coyote/The Musket-Tears/Scoop Snoop10/22/1960
2Gun-Shy Gal/Treasure Jest/Flea for All10/29/1960
2Who is El Kabong?/Little Wonder/Big Cat Caper11/05/1960
2Scooter Rabbit/The Party Lion/Bear-ly Able11/12/1960
2Talky Hawky/Horse Fathers/Surprised Party11/19/1960
2Extra-Special Extra!/Let's Duck Out/Prince of a Fella11/26/1960
2El Kabong Jr./Playmate Pop/Eenie, Genie, Minie, Mo!12/03/1960
3El Kabong Was Wrong/Dough Nutty/Gem Jam09/15/1961
3Dynamite Fright/Outer Space Case/Growing, Growing Gone09/22/1961
3Baba Bait/From Ape to Z/Zoom-Zoom Blabber09/29/1961
3Big Town El Kabong/Hand to Mouse/Bronco Bluster10/06/1961
3Mine Your Manners/Vacation Tripped/Person to Prison10/13/1961
3The Mark of El Kabong/Party Popper Pop/Chilly Chiller10/20/1961