Touch of Frost

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Care and Protection12/06/1992USA341
1Not with Kindness12/13/1992USA30
2A Minority of One01/09/1994USA1
2Widows and Orphans01/16/1994USA1
2Nothing to Hide01/23/1994UK27
2Stranger in the House01/30/1994USA1
3Appropriate Adults01/08/199512:05 amITV3USA1
3Quarry01/15/199512:05 amITV3USA1
3Dead Male One01/22/199510:25 amITV3USA1
3No Refuge01/23/199512:00 amITV3USA1
Paying the Price01/07/1996USA7
Unknown Soldiers01/14/1996USA7
The Things We Do for Love01/21/1996USA1
Fun Times for Swingers01/28/1996USA2
Deep Waters02/04/1996USA1
Penny for the Guy02/09/1997USA1
House Calls02/16/1997USA1
True Confessions02/23/199711:00 pmITV3USA1
No Other Love03/02/1997USA1
Appendix Man03/07/1999USA1
One Man's Meat03/14/199911:00 amITV3USA1
Private Lives03/21/1999 1:05 pmITV3USA1
Keys To The Car03/28/1999 3:05 pmITV3USA1
Line of Fire12/25/1999USA1
Line of Fire01/01/2000USA1
Benefit Of The Doubt01/14/2001USA17
Benefit Of The Doubt: Part 201/15/2001 9:00 pmITVUK33
Mistaken Identity01/27/2001USA1
Mistaken Identity01/28/2001USA1
9Mistaken Identity: Part 101/27/2002USA29
9Mistaken Identity: Part 201/28/2002USA30
Hidden Truth01/19/200310:25 amITV3USA
Close Encounters03/03/200312:35 pmITV3USA19
Held in Trust09/14/200310:30 amITV3USA2
Another Life10/26/2003USA19
Dancing in the Dark02/22/2004USA17
Near Death Experience09/25/2005USA2322
Endangered Species11/05/2006USA19
Mind Games05/31/2008USA17
Dead End10/19/2008 9:00 pmITVUK3028
In the Public Interest10/26/2008 8:15 pmITVUK15
If Dogs Run Free: Part 104/04/2010USA14
If Dogs Run Free: Part 204/05/2010USA21