After MASH

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1September of '53/Together Again09/26/1983USA2719
1Klinger vs. Klinger10/03/1983USA
1Snap, Crackle, Plop10/10/1983USA
1Staph Inspection10/17/1983USA
1Night Shift10/24/1983USA
1Shall We Dance10/31/1983USA
1Little Broadcast of '5311/07/1983USA
1Sunday, Cruddy Sunday11/14/1983USA
1Thanksgiving of '5311/21/1983USA
1Bladder Day Saints12/12/1983USA
1All About Christmas Eve12/19/1983USA
1Chief of Staff01/02/1984USA
1Yours Truly, Max Klinger01/16/1984USA
1It Had to Be You01/23/1984USA
1Odds and Ends01/30/1984USA
1Another Saturday Night02/06/1984USA
1Fever Pitch02/27/1984USA
1By the Book03/05/1984USA
1Up and Down Payments03/12/1984USA
2Less Miserables09/23/1984USA
2Calling Doctor Habibi09/25/1984USA
2Strangers and Other Lovers10/02/1984USA
2Madness to His Method10/16/1984USA
2The Recovery Room10/30/1984USA
2Ward Is Hell12/04/1984USA
2Saturday's Heroes05/31/1985USA