Adventures of Champion

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Saddle Tramp09/23/1955USA
1Crossroad Trail09/30/1955USA
1Salted Ground10/07/1955USA
1The Medicine Man Mystery10/15/1955USA
1Lost River10/22/1955USA
1Renegade Stallion10/29/1955USA
1Canyon of Wanted Men11/05/1955USA
1Challenge of the West11/08/1955USA
1The Outlaw's Secret11/15/1955USA
1Hangman's Noose11/22/1955USA
1King of the Rodeo11/29/1955USA
1A Bugle for Ricky12/06/1955USA
1The Stone Heart12/13/1955USA
1The Deer Hunters12/20/1955USA
1The Golden Hoax12/27/1955USA
1Johnny Hands Up01/03/1956USA
1Black Kachina01/10/1956USA
1Mystery Mountain01/17/1956USA
1Rails West01/26/1956USA9
1Andrew and the Deadly Double02/13/1956USA
1Bad Men of the Valley02/14/1956USA
1The Return of Red Cloud02/24/1956USA
1Brand of the Lawless02/27/1956USA
1The Die-Hards03/03/1956USA
1Calhoun Rides Again03/03/1956USA