Cedar Tree

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Anne: Part 109/27/19767
1Anne: Part 209/28/19767
1A Question of Values: Part 110/04/19767
1A Question of Values: Part 210/05/19769
1Spring Fever: Part 110/11/19767
1Spring Fever: Part 210/12/197610
1One Come Down: Part 110/18/19766
1One Come Down: Part 210/19/1976
1Gerald: Part 110/25/1976
1Gerald: Part 210/26/1976
1The Quiet Side: Part 111/01/1976
1The Quiet Side: Part 211/02/1976
1Close of Play: Part 111/08/1976
1Close of Play: Part 211/09/1976
1High Tides: Part 111/15/1976
1High Tides: Part 211/16/1976
1Mice at Play: Part 111/22/1976
1Mice at Play: Part 211/23/1976
1Fete Accompli: Part 111/29/1976
1Fete Accompli: Part 211/30/1976
1Moment of Truth: Part 112/06/1976
1Moment of Truth: Part 212/07/1976
1Cause for Concern: Part 112/13/1976
1Cause for Concern: Part 212/14/1976
1Diagnosis: Part 112/20/1976
1Diagnosis: Part 212/21/1976
1The Treatment: Part 112/27/1976
1The Treatment: Part 212/28/1976
1A Quiet Christmas: Part 101/04/1977
1A Quiet Christmas: Part 201/05/1977
2Party Manners: Part 101/13/1977
2Party Manners: Part 201/14/1977
2Conflict: Part 101/20/1977
2Conflict: Part 201/21/1977
2A Lesson for Jim: Part 101/27/1977
2A Lesson for Jim: Part 201/28/1977
2Next of Kin: Part 102/03/1977
2Next of Kin: Part 202/04/1977
2In Confidence: Part 102/10/1977
2In Confidence: Part 202/11/1977
2Easter Party: Part 102/17/1977
2Easter Party: Part 202/18/1977
2The Larger Size: Part 102/24/1977
2The Larger Size: Part 202/25/1977
2Gwilym: Part 103/04/1977
2Gwilym: Part 203/05/1977
2A Break in the Circle: Part 103/10/1977
2A Break in the Circle: Part 203/11/1977
2A Fresh Start: Part 103/17/1977
2A Fresh Start: Part 203/18/1977
2Outlook Unsettled: Part 103/24/1977
2Outlook Unsettled: Part 203/25/1977
2The Cost of a Secret: Part 103/31/1977
2The Cost of a Secret: Part 204/01/1977
2Trouble at Layford Park: Part 104/07/1977
2Trouble at Layford Park: Part 204/08/1977
2A Capital Idea: Part 104/14/1977
2A Capital Idea: Part 204/15/1977
2The Woman I Love: Part 104/21/1977
2The Woman I Love: Part 204/22/1977
2Blessing in Disguise: Part 104/28/1977
2Blessing in Disguise: Part 204/29/1977
2Turn of the Year: Part 105/05/1977
2Turn of the Year: Part 205/06/1977
2A Mackerel Sky: Part 105/12/1977
2A Mackerel Sky: Part 205/13/1977
2The Suspect: Part 105/19/1977
2The Suspect: Part 205/20/1977
2I Trust You: Part 105/26/1977
2I Trust You: Part 205/27/1977
2The Challenge: Part 106/02/1977
2The Challenge: Part 206/03/1977
2Miss Gribble: Part 106/09/1977
2Miss Gribble: Part 206/10/1977
2The New Member: Part 106/16/1977
2The New Member: Part 206/17/1977
2A Woman's Privilege: Part 106/23/1977
2A Woman's Privilege: Part 206/24/1977
2Consolation: Part 106/30/1977
2Consolation: Part 207/01/1977
3Autumn Tints: Part 110/20/1977
3Autumn Tints: Part 210/21/1977
3The Scapegoat: Part 110/27/1977
3The Scapegoat: Part 210/28/1977
3Rumour Pt.111/03/1977
3Rumour Part 211/04/1977
3Mystery in Munich: Part 111/10/1977
3Mystery in Munich: Part 211/11/1977
3Official Enquiry: Part 111/17/1977
3Official Enquiry: Part 211/18/1977
3Deep Waters: Part 111/24/1977
3Deep Waters: Part 211/25/1977
3Recrimination: Part 112/01/19779
3Recrimination: Part 212/02/1977
3The Ugly Truth: Part 112/08/1977
3The Ugly Truth: Part 212/09/1977
3Cariad: Part 112/15/1977
3Cariad: Part 212/16/1977
3An Old Flame: Part 112/22/1977
3An Old Flame: Part 212/23/1977
3A Good Living: Part 112/29/1977
3A Good Living: Part 212/30/1977
3Blind Spot: Part 101/05/1978
3Blind Spot: Part 201/06/1978
4The Party Spirit07/02/1978
4A Change of Plan07/09/1978
4No Further Demands07/23/1978
4Raising the Wind07/30/1978
4Home & Abroad08/06/1978
4A Race Against Time08/13/1978
4Fool's Paradise08/20/1978
4Times Remembered08/27/1978
4On the March09/03/1978
4In the Red09/10/1978
4A Call to Arms09/17/1978
4Peace for Our Time09/24/1978