Masked Singer

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Season Premiere: Mask On Face Off01/02/201920
1New Masks on the Block01/09/201916
1Five Masks No More01/16/2019
1Another Mask Bites the Dust01/23/2019
1Mix and Masks01/30/2019
1Touchy Feely Clues02/06/2019
1All Together Now02/13/2019
1Semi Finals: Double Unmasking02/20/2019
1Road to the Finals02/27/2019
1Season Finale: The Final Mask is Lifted02/27/2019
2Super Sneak Peek09/15/2019
2Return of the Masks: Groups A & B09/25/2019
2Return of the Masks: Group C10/02/2019
2Return of the Masks: Group D10/09/2019
2Once Upon a Mask10/16/2019
2Mask Us Anything11/06/2019
2Triumph Over Masks11/13/2019
2Mask and You Shall Receive11/20/2019
2Clash of the Masks12/04/2019
2A Pain in the Mask12/10/2019
2Two Masks Take It Off: Holiday Semi-Finals12/11/2019
2Season Finale: And the Winner Takes It All and Takes It Off12/18/2019
3The Season Kick off Mask Off: Group A02/02/2020
3The Playoffs: Group A02/05/2020
3Masking for a Friend: Group A02/12/2020
3A Brand New Six Pack: Group B Kickoff!02/19/2020
3Mask-Matics: Group B Playoffs02/26/2020
3Friends in High Places: Group B Championships03/04/2020
3Last But Not Least: Group C Kickoff!03/11/2020
3It Never Hurts to Mask: Group C Playoffs03/18/2020
3Old Friends, New Clues: Group C Championships03/25/2020
3The Super Nine Masked Singer Special: Groups A, B & C04/01/2020
3The Mother of All Final Face Offs, Part 104/08/2020
3Sing-Along Spectacular04/15/2020
3The Mother of All Final Face Offs, Part 204/22/2020
3The Battle of The Sixes: The Final 604/29/2020
3A Quarter Mask Crisis: The Quarter Finals05/06/2020
3A Day In the Mask: The Semi Finals05/13/2020
3Couldn't Mask For Anything More: The Grand Finale!05/20/2020
4Special Season Four Sneak Peek09/13/2020
4The Season Premiere - The Masks Return09/23/2020
4The Group B Premiere - Six More Masks09/30/202061
4The Group A Play Offs - Famous Masked Words10/07/2020
4The Group B Play Offs - Cloudy with a Chance of Clues10/14/2020
4The Group C Premiere - Masked But Not Least10/28/2020
4The Group C Play Offs - Funny You Should Mask11/04/2020
4The Group A Finals - The Masked Frontier11/11/2020
4The Group B Finals - The Mask Chance Saloon11/18/2020
4The Group C Finals - The Masks Give Thanks11/26/2020
4The Semi Finals - The Super Six12/02/2020
4The Holiday Sing-a-Long12/09/2020
4The Season 4 Finale - Last Mask Standing12/16/2020
5Season 5 Premiere - Return of the Masks03/10/2021
5Group B Premiere -- Shamrock and Roll03/17/2021
5Group A Wildcard Round -- Enter the Wildcards!03/24/2021
5Group B Wildcard Round - Rule of Claw!03/31/2021
5Group B Finals - The Ulti 'Mutt' Wildcard!04/07/2021
5Group A Finals - In the Nick of Time!04/14/2021
5Super 8 - The Plot Chickens!04/21/2021
5Super 8 - The Plot Chickens! Part 204/21/2021
5The Sing-A-Long: The Maskie Awards04/28/2021
5The Spicy 6 - The Competition Heats Up!05/05/2021
5The Quarter Finals - Five Fan Favorites05/12/2021