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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1A Rose for Lotta09/12/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA11
1Death on Sun Mountain09/19/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA10
1The Newcomers09/26/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA2
1The Paiute War10/03/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA111
1Enter Mark Twain10/10/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA11
1The Julia Bulette Story10/17/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA11
1The Saga of Annie O'Toole10/24/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA7
The Philip Diedeshiemer Story10/31/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA4
Mr Henry Comstock11/07/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA12
1The Magnificent Adah11/14/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA11
1The Truckee Strip11/21/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA2
1The Hanging Posse11/28/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Vendetta12/05/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Sisters12/12/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
The Last Hunt12/19/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Last Hunt12/29/1959 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1El Toro Grande01/02/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Outcast01/09/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1A House Divided01/16/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Gunmen01/23/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Fear Merchants01/30/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Spanish Grant02/06/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA2
1Blood on the Land02/13/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Desert Justice02/20/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA2
1The Stranger02/27/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Escape to Ponderosa03/05/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Avenger03/19/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1The Last Trophy03/26/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
San Francisco Holiday04/02/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Bitter Water04/09/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Feet of Clay04/16/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
1Dark Star04/23/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA11
1Death at Dawn04/30/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Showdown09/10/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA1110
2The Mission09/17/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Badge Without Honor09/24/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Mill10/01/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Hopefuls10/08/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA2114
2Denver McKee10/15/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Day of Reckoning10/22/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Abduction10/29/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA2916
2Breed of Violence11/05/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA15
2The Last Viking11/12/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Trail Gang11/26/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Savage12/03/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA12
2Silent Thunder12/10/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Ape12/17/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Blood Line12/31/1960 7:30 pmNBCUSA14
2The Courtship01/07/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA129
2The Spitfire01/14/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Bride01/21/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Bank Run01/28/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA16
2The Fugitive02/04/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Vengeance02/11/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA12
Tax Collector02/18/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA1
2The Rescue02/25/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Dark Gate03/04/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Duke03/11/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Cutthroat Junction03/18/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Gift04/01/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Rival04/15/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Infernal Machine04/22/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Thunderhead Swindle04/29/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Secret05/06/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2The Dream Riders05/20/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA
2Elizabeth, My Love05/27/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA161
2Sam Hill06/03/1961 7:30 pmNBCUSA16
3The Smiler09/24/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3Springtime10/01/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Honor of Cochise10/08/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Lonely House10/15/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA9
3The Burma Rarity10/21/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3Broken Ballad10/29/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA10
3The Many Faces of Gideon Flinch11/05/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Friendship11/12/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Countess11/19/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Horse Breaker11/26/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3Day of the Dragon12/03/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Frenchman12/10/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Tin Badge12/17/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3Gabrielle12/24/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3Land Grab12/31/1961 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Tall Stranger01/07/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA14
3The Lady from Baltimore01/14/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA9
3The Ride01/21/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Storm01/28/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Auld Sod02/04/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3Gift of Water02/11/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA13
The Jacknife02/18/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA11
3The Guilty02/25/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Wooing of Abigail Jones03/04/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Lawmaker03/11/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3Look to the Stars03/18/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Gamble04/01/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Crucible04/08/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA6
3Inger, My Love04/15/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3Blessed Are They04/22/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Dowry04/29/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Long Night05/06/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Mountain Girl05/13/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
3The Miracle Maker05/20/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The First Born09/23/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Quest09/30/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Artist10/07/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4A Hot Day for a Hanging10/14/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Deserter10/21/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Way Station10/28/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The War Comes to Washoe11/11/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4Knight Errant11/18/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Beginning11/25/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Deadly Ones12/02/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4Gallagher's Sons12/09/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Decision12/16/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Good Samaritan12/23/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA6
4The Jury12/30/1962 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Colonel01/06/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4Song in the Dark01/13/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4Elegy for a Hangman01/20/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4Half a Rogue01/27/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA10
4The Last Haircut02/03/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4Marie, My Love02/10/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Hayburner02/17/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Actress02/24/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA11
4A Stranger Passed This Way03/03/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Way of Aaron03/10/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4A Woman Lost03/17/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4Any Friend of Walter's03/24/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA6
4Mirror of a Man03/31/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4My Brother's Keeper04/07/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4Five into the Wind04/21/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Saga of Whizzer McGee04/28/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4Thunder Man05/05/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4Rich Man, Poor Man05/12/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
4The Boss05/19/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Little Man...Ten Feet Tall05/26/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5She Walks in Beauty09/22/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5A Passion for Justice09/29/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5Rain from Heaven10/06/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5Twilight Town10/13/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5The Toy Soldier10/20/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5A Question of Strength10/27/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5Calamity Over the Comstock11/03/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA15
5Journey Remembered11/10/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA16
5The Quality of Mercy11/17/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA8
5The Waiting Game12/08/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA12
5The Legacy12/15/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA21
5Hoss and the Leprechauns12/22/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA21
5The Prime of Life12/29/1963 9:00 pmNBCUSA22
5The Lila Conrad Story01/05/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA13
5Ponderosa Matador01/12/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA13
5My Son, My Son01/19/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA11
5Alias Joe Cartwright01/26/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5The Gentleman from New Orleans02/02/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5The Cheating Game02/09/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5Bullet for a Bride02/16/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA6
5King of the Mountain02/23/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5Love Me Not03/01/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5The Pure Truth03/08/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5No Less a Man03/15/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5Return to Honor03/22/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5The Saga of Muley Jones03/29/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5The Roper04/05/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathay04/12/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5The Companeros04/19/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5Enter Thomas Bowers04/26/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5The Dark Past05/03/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5The Pressure Game05/10/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5Triangle05/17/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
5Walter and the Outlaws05/24/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA9
6Invention of a Gunfighter09/20/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6The Hostage09/27/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA11
6The Wild One10/04/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA6
6Thanks for Everything, Friend10/11/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA15
6Logan's Treasure10/18/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6The Scapegoat10/25/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA11
6A Dime's Worth of Glory11/01/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6Square Deal Sam11/08/1964 9:00 pmNBCUSA20
6Between Heaven and Earth11/15/1964USA
6Old Sheba11/22/1964USA16
6A Man to Admire12/06/1964USA
6The Underdog12/13/1964USA
6A Knight to Remember12/20/1964USA
6The Saga of Squaw Charlie12/27/1964USA
6The Flapjack Contest01/03/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6The Far, Far Better Thing01/10/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6Woman of Fire01/17/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6The Ballerina01/24/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6The Flannel-Mouth Gun01/31/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA121
6The Ponderosa Birdman02/07/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6The Search02/14/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6The Deadliest Game02/21/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6Once a Doctor02/28/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6Right Is the Fourth R03/07/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6Hound Dog03/21/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6The Trap03/28/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA13
6Dead and Gone04/04/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6A Good Night's Rest04/11/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA12
6To Own the World04/18/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6Lothario Larkin04/25/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6The Return05/02/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA10
The Jonah05/09/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6The Spotlight05/16/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
6Patchwork Man05/23/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Debt09/12/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Dilemma09/19/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Brass Box09/26/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Other Son10/03/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Lonely Runner10/10/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7Devil on Her Shoulder10/17/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA1
7Found Child10/24/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA10
7The Meredith Smith10/31/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7Mighty Is the Word11/07/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Strange One11/14/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA11
7The Reluctant Rebel11/21/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7Five Sundowns to Sunup12/05/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7A Natural Wizard12/12/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7All Ye His Saints12/19/1965 9:00 pmNBCUSA
A Dublin Lad01/02/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7To Kill a Buffalo01/09/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7Ride the Wind: Part 101/16/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA22
7Ride the Wind: Part 201/23/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA22
7Destiny's Child01/30/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7Peace Officer02/06/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Code02/13/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7Three Brides for Hoss02/20/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Emperor Norton02/27/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7Her Brother's Keeper03/06/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Trouble with Jamie03/20/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7Shining in Spain03/27/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Genius04/03/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Unwritten Commandment04/10/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Big Shadows on the Land04/17/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Fighters04/24/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7Home from the Sea05/01/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7The Last Mission05/08/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
7A Dollar's Worth of Trouble05/15/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA2210
8Something Hurt, Something Wild09/11/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Horse of a Different Hue09/18/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8A Time to Step Down09/25/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8The Pursued: Part 110/02/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8The Pursued: Part 210/09/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8To Bloom for Thee10/16/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Credit for a Kill10/23/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Four Sisters from Boston10/30/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Old Charlie11/06/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Ballad of the Ponderosa11/13/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8The Oath11/20/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town11/27/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8The Bridegroom12/04/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Tommy12/18/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8A Christmas Story12/25/1966 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Ponderosa Explosion01/01/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Justice01/08/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8A Bride for Buford01/15/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Black Friday01/22/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8The Unseen Wound01/29/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Journey to Terror02/05/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA1
8Amigo02/12/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA13
8A Woman in the House02/19/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Judgment at Red Creek02/26/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Joe Cartwright, Detective03/05/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Dark Enough to See the Stars03/12/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8The Deed and the Dilemma03/26/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8The Prince04/02/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
The Man Without Land04/09/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Napoleon's Children04/16/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8The Wormwood Cup04/23/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Clarissa04/30/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8Maestro Hoss05/07/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
8The Greedy Ones05/14/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9Second Chance09/17/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9Sense of Duty09/24/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
The Conquistadors10/01/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9Judgment at Olympus10/08/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9Night of Reckoning10/15/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9False Witness10/22/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9The Gentle Ones10/29/196710:45 amTVLandUSA
9Desperate Passage11/05/196710:45 amTVLandUSA
9The Sure Thing11/12/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9Showdown at Tahoe11/19/196710:45 amTVLandUSA
9Six Black Horses11/26/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA16
9Check Rein12/03/196710:45 amTVLandUSA
9Justice Deferred12/17/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9The Gold Detector12/24/1967 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9The Trackers01/07/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9A Girl Named George01/14/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9The Thirteenth Man01/21/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9The Burning Sky01/28/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9The Price of Salt02/04/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9Blood Tie02/18/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9The Crime of Johnny Mule02/25/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9The Late Ben Cartwright03/03/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9Star Crossed03/10/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9Trouble Town03/17/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9Commitment at Angelus04/07/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9A Dream to Dream04/14/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9In Defense of Honor04/28/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9To Die in Darkness05/05/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9The Bottle Fighter05/12/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9The Arrival of Eddie05/19/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9The Stronghold05/26/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9Pride of a Man06/02/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9A Severe Case of Matrimony07/07/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
9Stage Door Johnnies07/28/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Different Pines, Same Wind09/15/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Child09/22/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA13
10Salute to Yesterday09/29/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10The Real People of Muddy Creek10/06/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10The Passing of a King10/13/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10The Last Vote10/20/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Catch as Catch Can10/27/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Little Girl Lost11/03/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10The Survivors11/10/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10The Sound of Drums11/17/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Queen High11/24/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Yonder Man12/01/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Mark of Guilt12/15/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10A World Full of Cannibals12/22/1968 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Sweet Annie Laurie01/05/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10My Friend, My Enemy01/12/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Mrs. Wharton and the Lesser Breeds01/19/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Erin01/26/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Company of Forgotten Men02/02/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10The Clarion02/09/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10The Lady and the Mountain Lion02/23/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Five Candles03/02/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10The Wish03/09/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
Deserter, the (II)03/16/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Emily03/23/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA15
10The Running Man03/30/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10The Unwanted04/06/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10Speak No Evil04/20/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10The Fence04/27/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
10A Ride in the Sun05/11/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11Another Windmill to Go09/14/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
The Witness: Part 109/21/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11The Silence at Stillwater09/28/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11A Lawman's Lot Is Not a Happy One10/05/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11Anatomy of a Lynching10/12/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11To Stop a War10/19/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11The Medal10/26/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11The Stalker11/02/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11Meena11/09/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11A Darker Shadow11/23/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11Dead Wrong12/07/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11Old Friends12/14/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11Abner Willoughby's Return12/21/1969 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11It's a Small World01/04/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA12
11Danger Road01/11/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11The Big Jackpot01/18/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA7
11The Trouble with Amy01/25/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11The Lady and the Mark02/01/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11Is There Any Man Here?02/08/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11The Law and Billy Burgess02/15/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11Long Way to Ogden02/22/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA1
11Return Engagement03/01/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11The Gold Mine03/08/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11Decision at Los Robles03/15/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11Caution, Easter Bunny Crossing03/29/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11The Horse Traders04/05/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA13
11What Are Pardners For?04/12/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
11A Matter of Circumstance04/19/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Night Virginia City Died09/13/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12A Matter of Faith09/20/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Weary Willies09/27/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Wagon10/05/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Power of Life and Death10/11/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12Gideon the Good10/18/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Trouble with Trouble10/25/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12Thornton's Account11/01/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Love Child11/08/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12El Jefe11/15/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Luck of Pepper Shannon11/22/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Impostors11/29/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12Honest John12/20/1970 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12For a Young Lady01/03/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12A Single Pilgrim01/10/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Gold-Plated Rifle01/17/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12Top Hand01/24/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12A Deck of Aces01/31/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Desperado02/07/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Reluctant American02/14/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12Shadow of a Hero02/21/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Silent Killer02/28/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12Terror at 2:0003/07/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12The Stillness Within03/14/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12A Time to Die03/21/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12Winter Kill03/28/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12Kingdom of Fear04/04/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
12An Earthquake Called Callahan04/11/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13The Grand Swing09/19/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13Fallen Woman09/26/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA13
Bushwacked10/03/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13Rock-A-Bye Hoss10/10/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13The Prisoners10/17/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13Cassie10/24/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13Don't Cry, My Son10/31/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13Face of Fear11/07/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13Blind Hunch11/21/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13The Iron Butterfly11/28/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13The Rattlesnake Brigade12/05/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13Easy Come, Easy Go12/12/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13A Home for Jamie12/19/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13Warbonnet12/26/1971 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13The Lonely Man01/02/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13Second Sight01/09/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA111
13The Saddle Stiff01/16/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13Frenzy01/30/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13The Customs of the Country02/06/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13Shanklin02/13/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13Search in Limbo02/20/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13He Was Only Seven03/05/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA11
13The Younger Brothers' Younger Brother03/12/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13A Place to Hide03/19/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA
13A Visit to Upright03/26/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA51
13One Ace Too Many04/02/1972 9:00 pmNBCUSA18
14Forever09/12/1972 8:00 pmNBCUSA23
14Heritage of Anger09/19/1972 8:00 pmNBCUSA10
14The Initiation09/26/1972 8:00 pmNBCUSA20
14Riot10/03/1972 8:00 pmNBCUSA19
14New Man10/17/1972 8:00 pmNBCUSA11
14Ambush at Rio Lobo10/24/1972 8:00 pmNBCUSA8
14The Twenty-Sixth Grave10/31/1972 8:00 pmNBCUSA22
14Stallion11/14/1972 8:00 pmNBCUSA10
14The Hidden Enemy11/28/1972 8:00 pmNBCUSA16
14The Sound of Sadness12/05/1972 8:00 pmNBCUSA13
14The Bucket Dog12/19/1972 8:00 pmNBCUSA14
14First Love12/26/1972 8:00 pmNBCUSA14
The Witness: Part 201/02/1973 8:00 pmNBCUSA11
14The Marriage of Theodora Duffy01/09/1973 8:00 pmNBCUSA15
14The Hunter01/16/1973 8:00 pmNBCUSA7