Liver Birds

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Liver Birds04/14/1969 7:30 pmBBC1UK2
1An Interesting Condition07/25/1969 8:20 pmBBC1UK5
1The Photographer08/01/1969 8:20 pmBBC1UK52
1Aristocracy and Crime08/08/1969 8:20 pmBBC1UK9
1Torremolinos, Costa Del Sol or Southport?08/15/1969UK4
2The Wedding01/07/1971 7:45 pmBBC1UK6
2Look Before You Leap01/14/1971UK4
2Housekeeping01/21/1971 7:45 pmBBC1UK6
2The Proposal01/28/1971 7:45 pmBBC1UK4
2The Good Samaritans02/04/1971 7:45 pmBBC1UK6
2Three's a Crowd02/11/1971 7:45 pmBBC1UK6
2The New Neighbour02/18/1971 7:45 pmBBC1UK9
2The New Flat02/25/1971 7:45 pmBBC1UK5
2The Dog03/04/1971 7:45 pmBBC1UK5
2Mother's Day03/18/1971 7:45 pmBBC1UK7
3One's a Crowd02/11/1972UK8
3Birds on the Dole02/18/1972 7:40 pmBBC1UK14
3Good Little Girls Should Be in Bed02/25/1972UK6
3Birds on Strike03/03/1972UK8
3Fella-A-Day Girl03/10/1972UK4
3Birds and Bottom Drawers03/17/1972UK7
3The Christening03/24/1972UK4
3Birds on Horseback03/31/1972 7:30 pmBBC1UK7
St. Valentine's Day04/07/1972UK11
3Valentine's Day04/07/1972UK11
3Birds in the Club04/14/1972UK6
3The Driving Test04/28/1972UK4
3Liverpool or Everton05/05/1972UK6
3The Parrot05/12/1972UK2
Anybody Here Seen Thingy?01/02/1974 7:40 pmBBC1UK9
Friends at First Sight01/09/1974UK2
Life Is Just a Bowl of Sugar01/16/1974UK5
Where's Beryl?01/23/1974UK7
Girl Saturday02/06/1974 7:40 pmBBC1UK6
Pack Up Your Troubles02/13/1974UK2
Have Hen Will Travel02/20/1974UK3
Love Is02/27/1974 7:40 pmBBC1UK6
Anyone for Freedom03/06/1974UK11
Follow That Ring03/13/1974UK8
The Bride Went That-A-Way03/20/1974 6:50 pmBBC1UK4
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie03/27/1974UK7
And Then There Was One04/03/1974 7:40 pmBBC1UK11
It Takes All Kinds09/05/1975UK5
Look After the Children...09/12/1975UK4
You've Got to Laugh...09/19/1975 8:30 pmBBC1UK6
Love Is a Many Stupid Thing09/26/1975 8:30 pmBBC1UK6
Dinner for Three10/03/1975UK8
The Lily and the Dandelion10/10/1975 8:30 pmBBC1UK9
Everybody Is Beautiful10/17/1975UK3
Special: In Every Street12/23/1975 8:25 pmBBC1UK1
Facing Up to Life02/13/1976UK10
The Maypole02/20/1976 8:00 pmBBC1UK7
The Never-Ending End03/05/1976UK7
Badgers and Otters03/12/1976UK10
Friends and Lovers10/17/1976 8:15 pmBBC1UK5
She Dreams a Lot10/24/1976UK9
A Mark on the World10/31/1976UK9
Love 'Em: And Almost Leave 'Em11/07/1976UK5
Oh, the Shame of It11/14/1976UK5
Cry Please11/21/1976UK7
The Nearly Hat11/28/1976UK9
Yellow and Green Make Blue12/05/1976UK8
Special: It Insists on Coming Once a Year12/22/1976UK14
Something Beginning09/23/1977 8:30 pmBBC1UK7
The Flower-Picker09/30/1977UK5
You've No Idea What I've Been Through10/07/1977UK6
God Bless Us and Save Us10/14/1977UK8
They Decide Up There What Goes on Down Here10/21/1977UK13
The Edge10/28/1977UK10
The Struggle11/04/1977UK10
Special: Open Your Eyes... and It Still Hasn't Gone12/23/1977UK1
There's No Place Like Away from Home11/24/1978UK11
The Sixth Day12/01/1978UK6
Various Kinds of Old12/08/1978UK9
Somewhere to Live... Somewhere to Love12/29/1978UK10
The Best Things in Life Are Not Free01/05/1979UK8
Hello Again05/06/1996UK9
Mrs. Boswell Comes to Call05/13/1996UK2
Spare That Tree!05/20/1996UK6
On the Town05/26/1996UK5
Going Into Hospital06/03/1996UK3
Out of Hospital06/17/1996UK5