On the Buses

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Early Shift02/28/1969 7:30 pmITVUK11
1The New Conductor03/07/1969 7:30 pmITVUK7
1Olive Takes a Trip03/14/1969 7:30 pmITVUK9
1Bus Drivers' Stomach03/21/1969 7:30 pmITVUK1010
1The New Inspector03/28/1969 7:30 pmITVUK99
1The Canteen04/04/1969 7:30 pmITVUK9
1The Darts Match04/11/1969 8:30 pmGranadaUK88
2Family Flu05/31/1969 7:00 pmITVUK77
2The Used Combination06/07/1969 7:00 pmITVUK66
2Self Defence06/14/1969 7:00 pmITVUK88
2Aunt Maud06/21/1969 7:00 pmITVUK77
2Late Again06/28/1969 7:00 pmITVUK88
2Bon Voyage07/05/1969 7:00 pmITVUK88
3First Aid01/02/1970 8:30 pmITVUK99
3The Cistern01/09/1970 8:30 pmITVUK77
3The Inspector's Niece01/16/1970 9:25 amITV3UK8
3Brew It Yourself01/23/1970 8:50 amITV3UK8
3Busman's Perks 01/30/1970UK9
3The Snake02/06/1970 8:50 amITV3UK8
3Mum's Last Fling02/13/1970 9:25 amITV3UK8
3Radio Control02/20/1970 8:50 amITV3UK10
3Foggy Night02/27/1970 9:25 amITV3UK8
3The New Uniforms03/06/1970UK10
3Going Steady03/11/1970UK7
3The Squeeze03/20/1970 8:45 amITV3UK8
3On the Make03/27/1970 9:20 amITV3UK8
4Nowhere to Go11/27/1970 8:30 pmITVUK10
4The Canteen Girl12/04/1970UK8
4Dangerous Driving12/11/1970 8:30 pmITVUK9
4The Other Woman12/18/1970 8:30 pmITVUK7
4Christmas Duty12/25/1970 8:30 pmITVUK10
4The 'L' Bus01/01/1971 8:30 pmITVUK10
4The Kids' Outing01/10/1971UK14
4The Anniversary01/17/1971UK8
4Cover Up01/24/1971 7:25 pmITVUK8
4Safety First01/31/1971 7:25 pmITVUK11
4The Lodger02/07/1971 7:25 pmITVUK7
4The Injury02/14/1971 7:25 pmITVUK8
4Not Tonight02/21/1971 7:25 pmITVUK9
5The Nursery09/19/1971UK7
5Stan's Room09/26/1971 7:25 pmITVUK77
5The Best Man10/03/1971 4:55 amITV3UK99
5The Inspector's Pets10/10/1971 9:20 amITV3UK88
5The Epidemic10/17/1971 7:25 pmITVUK1111
5The Busmen's Ball10/24/1971 5:20 amITVUK8
5Canteen Trouble10/31/1971 8:50 amITV3UK10
5The New Nurse11/07/1971UK7
5Lost Property11/14/1971 6:00 amITV3UK8
5Stan's Uniform11/21/1971 9:20 amITV3UK8
5The Strain11/28/1971 8:45 amITV3UK1010
5The New Telly12/05/1971UK9
5Vacancy for Inspector12/12/1971UK8
5A Thin Time12/19/1971 7:25 pmITVUK7
5Boxing Day Social12/26/1971 9:20 amITV3UK1010
6No Smoke Without Fire02/20/1972 6:00 amITV3UK8
6Love Is What You Make It02/27/1972 7:25 pmITVUK9
6Private Hire03/05/1972 7:25 pmITVUK9
6Stan's Worst Day03/12/1972UK9
6Union Trouble03/19/1972 8:55 amITV3UK8
6Bye Bye Blakey03/26/1972 7:25 pmLWTUK9
6The Prize04/02/1972 8:40 amITV3UK8
7Olive's Divorce02/25/1973 9:15 amITV3UK7
7The Perfect Clippie03/04/1973 8:45 amITV3UK7
7The Ticket Machine03/11/1973 9:20 amITV3UK6
7The Poster03/18/1973 9:25 amITV3UK11
7The Football Match03/25/1973 8:50 amITV3UK9
7Hot Water03/30/1973 8:50 amITV3UK5
7On the Omnibuses04/01/1973 8:50 amITV3UK7
7Goodbye Stan04/08/1973 9:25 amITV3UK7
7What the Stars Foretell 04/15/1973 8:50 amITV3UK8
7The Visit04/22/1973 9:25 amITV3UK5
7The Allowance05/06/1973 9:25 amITV3UK9
7Friends in High Places05/13/1973 8:55 amITV3UK7
7Gardening Time05/20/1973 9:25 amITV3UK9