SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
14B or Not 4B09/28/1993USA
1Brown Appetit10/05/1993USA
1True Confessions10/12/1993USA
1Emission Accomplished10/19/1993USA
1Personal Foul10/26/1993USA
1NYPD Lou11/02/1993USA
1Tempest in a C-Cup11/16/1993USA1
1Oscar, Meyer, Weiner12/07/1993USA
1From Hare to Eternity12/14/1993USA
1Up on the Roof01/04/1994USA
1Abandando Abandoned01/11/1994USA
1Jumpin' Jack Fleishman01/18/1994USA
1Steroid Roy02/08/1994USA1
1A Sudden Fish02/15/1994USA
1Black Men Can Jump03/01/1994USA
1Zeppo Marks Brothers03/22/1994USA1
1Serge the Concierge03/29/1994USA
1Good Time Charlie05/03/1994USA
1Guns 'n Rosaries05/10/1994USA
1Rockin' Robin05/17/1994USA
2Trials and Tribulations10/11/1994USA30
2For Whom the Skell Rolls10/18/1994USA30
2Cop Suey10/25/1994USA
2Dead and Gone11/01/1994USA
2Simone Says11/15/1994USA
2The Final Adjustment11/22/1994USA1
2Double Abandando11/29/1994USA
2You Bet Your Life12/06/1994USA
2Don We Now Our Gay Apparel01/03/1995USA1
2In the Butt, Bob01/10/1995USA
2Large Mouth Bass02/07/1995USA
2Travels with Andy02/14/1995USA
2A Murder with Teeth in It02/21/1995USA
2Bombs Away02/28/1995USA
2UnAmerican Graffiti03/14/1995USA
2Dirty Socks03/21/1995USA
2Boxer Rebellion05/02/1995USA
2The Bookie and the Kooky Cookie05/09/1995USA1
2The Bank Dick05/16/1995USA
2A.D.A. Sipowicz05/23/1995USA
3Torah! Torah! Torah!10/31/1995USA
3One Big Happy Family11/07/1995USA
3Heavin' Can Wait11/14/1995USA
3Dirty Laundry11/21/1995USA
3Curt Russell11/28/1995USA
3Aging Bull12/12/1995USA
3Cold Heaters12/19/1995USA1
3Sorry, Wong Suspect01/09/1996USA
3The Backboard Jungle01/16/1996USA
3Burnin' Love01/30/1996USA
3These Old Bones02/06/1996USA
3A Tushful of Dollars02/13/1996USA
3The Nutty Confessor02/20/1996USA
3Head Case02/27/1996USA
3Girl Talk03/19/1996USA
3Hollie and the Blowfish03/26/1996USA
3We Was Robbed04/02/1996USA
3Auntie Maimed04/30/1996USA
3A Death in the Family05/07/1996USA
3Closing Time05/14/1996USA
3He's Not Guilty, He's My Brother05/21/1996USA
4Moby Greg10/15/1996USA
4Thick Stu10/22/1996USA
Yes, We Have NO Cannolis10/29/1996USA
4Yes, We Have No Cannolis10/29/1996USA
4Where's 'Swaldo11/12/1996USA
4Where'd the Van Gogh?11/19/1996USA1
4Yes Sir, That's My Baby11/26/1996USA
4Ted and Carey's Bogus Adventure12/03/1996USA
4Unembraceable You12/10/1996USA
4My Wild Irish Nose01/07/1997USA
4Alice Doesn't Fit Here Anymore01/14/1997USA
4Upstairs, Downstairs01/21/1997USA
4Tom and Geri01/28/1997USA
4A Remington Original02/11/1997USA
4Taillight's Last Gleaming02/18/1997USA
4What a Dump!02/25/1997USA
4A Wrenching Experience04/15/1997USA
4I Love Lucy04/22/1997USA
4Bad Rap04/29/1997USA
4Emission Impossible05/06/1997USA
4Is Paris Burning?05/13/1997USA
4A Draining Experience05/20/1997USA
5As Flies to Careless Boys...09/30/1997USA
5All's Well That Ends Well10/07/1997USA
5Three Girls and a Baby10/14/1997USA
5The Truth Is Out There10/28/1997USA
5It Takes a Village11/04/1997USA
5Dead Man Talking11/11/1997USA
5Sheedy Dealings11/18/1997USA
5Lost Israel: Part 111/25/1997USA
5Lost Israel: Part 212/09/1997USA
Rememberance of Humps Past12/16/1997USA
5Remembrance of Humps Past12/16/1997USA
5You're Under a Rasta01/06/1998USA
5A Box of Wendy01/13/1998USA
5Twin Petes02/10/1998USA
5Weaver of Hate02/17/1998USA
5Don't Kill the Messenger02/24/1998USA
5The One That Got Away03/03/1998USA
5Speak for Yourself, Bruce Clayton03/24/1998USA
5I Don't Wanna Dye03/31/1998USA
5Prostrate Before the Law04/28/1998USA
5Hammer Time05/05/1998USA
5Seminal Thinking05/12/1998USA
5Honeymoon at Viagra Falls05/19/1998USA
6Top Gum10/20/1998USA1
6Cop in a Bottle10/27/1998USA
6Numb & Number11/10/1998USA
6Brother's Keeper11/17/1998USA
6Hearts and Souls11/24/1998USA
6Danny Boy12/01/1998USA
6Czech Bouncer12/08/1998USA
6Raging Bulls12/15/1998USA
6Grime Scene01/05/1999USA
6Show & Tell01/12/1999USA
6Big Bang Theory02/09/1999USA
6What's Up, Chuck?02/16/1999USA
6Dead Girl Walking02/23/1999USA
6Raphael's Inferno03/02/1999USA
6I Have a Dream04/06/1999USA
6T'aint Misbehavin04/13/1999USA
6Don't Meth with Me04/20/1999USA1
6Mister Roberts04/27/1999USA1
6Judas Priest05/04/1999USA
6I'll Draw You a Mapp05/11/1999USA
6Voir Dire This05/18/1999USA
6Safe Home05/25/1999USA
7Loogie Nights01/11/2000USA
7A Hole in Juan01/18/2000USA
7The Man with Two Right Shoes01/25/2000USA
7The Naked Are the Dead02/01/2000USA
7These Shoots Are Made for Joaquin02/08/2000USA
7Brothers Under Arms02/15/2000USA
7Along Came Jones02/22/2000USA
7Everybody Plays the Mule02/23/2000USA
7Who Murders Sleep03/07/2000USA
7Little Abner03/14/2000USA
7Welcome to New York03/21/2000USA
7The Irvin Files03/28/2000USA
7Sleep Over04/04/2000USA
7Stressed for Success04/11/2000USA
7Goodbye Charlie04/18/2000USA
7Roll Out the Barrel04/25/2000USA
7Lucky Luciano05/02/2000USA
7Tea and Sympathy05/09/2000USA
7This Old Spouse05/16/2000USA
7The Last Round Up05/23/2000USA
7Bats Off to Larry05/23/2000USA
8Daveless in New York01/09/2001USA
8Waking Up Is Hard to Do01/16/2001USA
8Franco, My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn01/23/2001USA
8Family Ties01/30/2001USA
8Fools Russian02/06/2001USA
8Writing Wrongs02/13/2001USA
8In-Laws, Outlaws02/20/2001USA
8Oh Golly Goth03/06/2001USA
8In the Still of the Night03/13/2001USA
8Peeping Tommy03/20/2001USA
8Thumb Enchanted Evening03/27/2001USA
8Flight of Fancy04/03/2001USA
8Nariz a Nariz04/10/2001USA
8Love Hurts04/17/2001USA
8Everyone Into the Poole04/24/2001USA
8Dying to Testify05/01/2001USA
8Lost Time05/08/2001USA
8Under Covers05/15/2001USA
8In the Wind05/22/2001USA
9Johnny Got His Gold11/06/2001USA
9Lies Like a Rug11/06/2001USA
9Two Clarks in a Bar11/13/2001USA
9Hit the Road, Clark11/20/2001USA
9Cops and Robber11/27/2001USA
9Baby Love12/04/2001USA
9Mom's Away12/11/2001USA
9Puppy Love12/18/2001USA
9Here Comes the Son01/08/2002USA
9Jealous Hearts01/15/2002USA
9Humpty Dumped02/05/2002USA
9Oh, Mama!02/19/2002USA
9Safari, So Good02/26/2002USA
9Hand Job03/05/2002USA
Guns & Hoses03/12/2002USA
9Guns & Hoses03/12/2002USA
9A Little Dad'll Do Ya03/19/2002USA
9Gypsy Woe's Me03/26/2002USA
9Less Is Morte04/16/2002USA
9Low Blow04/30/2002USA
9Oedipus Wrecked05/07/2002USA
9Dead Meat in New Deli05/14/2002USA
9Better Laid Than Never: Part 205/21/2002USA
9Better Laid Than Never: Part 105/21/2002USA
10Ho Down09/24/2002USA
10You've Got Mail10/01/2002USA
10One in the Nuts10/08/2002USA
10Meat Me in the Park10/15/2002USA
10Death by Cycle10/22/2002USA
10Maya Con Dios10/29/2002USA
10Das Boots11/12/2002USA
10Below the Belt11/19/2002USA
10Healthy McDowell Movement12/10/2002USA
10I Kid You Not01/07/2003USA
10Arrested Development01/14/2003USA
10Bottoms Up02/04/2003USA
10Laughlin All the Way to the Clink02/11/2003USA
10Tranny Get Your Gun02/18/2003USA
10Nude Awakening02/25/2003USA
10Off the Wall04/08/2003USA
10Marine Life04/15/2003USA
10Meet the Grandparents04/29/2003USA
10Maybe Baby05/06/2003USA
10Yo, Adrian05/13/2003USA
1022 Skidoo05/20/2003USA
11Frickin' Fraker09/23/2003USA
11Your Bus, Ted09/30/2003USA
11Shear Stupidity10/07/2003USA
11Porn Free10/14/2003USA
11Keeping Abreast10/21/2003USA
11Andy Appleseed10/28/2003USA
11It's to Die For11/04/2003USA
11And the Wenner Is...11/18/2003USA
11Only Schmucks Pay Income Tax11/25/2003USA
11You Da Bomb02/10/2004USA
11Passing the Stone02/17/2004USA
11Chatty Chatty Bang Bang03/02/2004USA
11Take My Wife, Please03/09/2004USA
11Colonel Knowledge03/16/2004USA
11Old Yeller03/23/2004USA
11On the Fence03/30/2004USA
11In Goddess We Trussed04/06/2004USA
11The Brothers Grim04/13/2004USA
11Peeler? I Hardley Knew Her04/20/2004USA
11Traylor Trash04/27/2004USA
11What's Your Poison?05/04/2004USA
11Who's Your Daddy?05/11/2004USA
12Dress for Success09/21/2004USA
12Fish Out of Water09/28/2004USA
12Divorce, Detective Style10/12/2004USA
12Great Balls of Ire10/12/2004USA
12You're Buggin' Me10/26/2004USA
12The Vision Thing11/09/2004USA
12My Dinner with Andy11/16/2004USA
12I Like Ike11/23/2004USA
12The 3-H Club11/30/2004USA
12The Dead Donald12/07/2004USA
12Bale Out12/14/2004USA
12I Love My Wives, But Oh You Kid12/21/2004USA
12Stoli with a Twist01/11/2005USA
12Stratis Fear01/18/2005USA
12La Bomba01/25/2005USA
12Old Man Quiver02/01/2005USA
12Sergeant Sipowicz' Lonely Hearts Club Band02/08/2005USA
12Lenny Scissorhands02/15/2005USA
12Bale to the Chief02/22/2005USA
12Moving Day03/01/2005USA