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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1The Beginning09/25/1968 8:00 pmMidlandsUK1210
1The Invisible Man10/02/1968 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1512
1Reply Box No. 66610/09/1968 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1411
1The Experiment10/16/1968 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1816
1Happening10/23/1968 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK98
1Operation Deep Freeze10/30/1968 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1715
1The Survivors11/06/1968 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1613
1To Trap a Rat11/13/1968 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1815
1The Iron Man11/20/1968 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1412
1The Ghost Plane11/27/1968 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2316
1The Dark Island12/04/1968 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2823
1The Fanatics12/11/1968 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2520
1Twelve Hours12/18/1968 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK3622
1The Search01/01/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1816
1The Gilded Cage01/08/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1515
1Shadow of the Panther01/15/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK3023
1A Case of Lemmings01/22/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2519
1The Mission01/29/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2212
1The Interrogation02/05/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK87
1The Silent Enemy02/12/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK3928
1The Bodysnatchers02/19/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2114
1Get Me Out of Here02/26/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2317
1The Night People03/05/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1918
1Project Zero03/12/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2623
1Desert Journey03/19/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2421
1Full Circle03/26/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1816
1Nutcracker04/02/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1716
1The Final Countdown04/16/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK1918
1The Gun-Runners04/23/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2521
1Autokill04/30/1969 8:00 pmATV MidlandsUK2522