South Park

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1Cartman Gets an Anal Probe08/13/1997 9:00 amComedy CentralUSA
1Weight Gain 400008/20/1997
1Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride09/03/1997
1An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig09/10/1997
1Starvin' Marvin11/19/1997
1Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo12/17/1997
1Tom's Rhinoplasty02/11/1998
1Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut02/25/1998 9:30 amComedy CentralUSA
2Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus04/01/1998
2Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut04/22/199810:00 amComedy CentralUSA
2Chickenlover05/20/1998 6:50 pmComedy CentralUSA
2Ike's Wee Wee05/27/1998
2Conjoined Fetus Lady06/03/1998
2The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka06/10/199811:45 amComedy CentralUSA
2City on the Edge of Forever06/17/1998
2Summer Sucks06/24/199812:00 amComedy CentralUSA
2Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls08/19/1998
2Chickenpox08/26/1998 3:50 amComedy CentralUSA
2Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods09/02/1998
2Cow Days09/30/1998
2Chef Aid10/07/1998 3:50 amComedy CentralUSA
2Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!12/09/1998
2Prehistoric Ice Man01/20/199912:37 amComedy CentralUSA
3Rainforest Shmainforest04/07/1999
3Spontaneous Combustion04/14/1999 2:15 amComedy CentralUSA
3The Succubus04/21/1999
3Tweek vs. Craig06/23/1999
3Sexual Harassment Panda07/07/1999 4:15 amComedy CentralUSA
3Cat Orgy07/14/1999
3Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub07/21/1999
3Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery10/27/1999
3Hooked on Monkey Fonics11/10/1999
3Starvin' Marvin in Space11/17/1999 3:15 amComedy CentralUSA
3The Red Badge of Gayness11/24/1999
3Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics12/01/1999
3Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus12/29/1999
3World Wide Recorder Concert01/12/2000
4The Tooth Fairy's Tats 200004/05/2000
4Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 200004/12/2000 2:30 pmComedy CentralUSA
4Timmy 200004/19/2000
4Quintuplets 200004/26/200012:35 amComedy CentralUSA
4Cartman Joins NAMBLA06/21/2000 7:25 pmComedy CentralUSA
4Cherokee Hair Tampons06/28/2000 1:08 amComedy CentralUSA
4Chef Goes Nanners07/05/2000 1:10 amComedy CentralUSA
4Something You Can Do with Your Finger07/12/2000 9:00 pmComedy CentralUSA
4Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?07/19/2000
44th Grade11/08/2000
4Trapper Keeper11/15/2000 3:45 amComedy CentralUSA
4Helen Keller! The Musical11/22/2000
South Park Classics: Great Expectations12/04/20001
4Fat Camp12/06/200011:00 pmComedy CentralUSA
4The Wacky Molestation Adventure12/13/2000
4A Very Crappy Christmas12/20/2000
5It Hits the Fan06/20/2001 1:10 amComedy CentralUSA
5Cripple Fight06/27/2001
5Super Best Friends07/04/2001
5Scott Tenorman Must Die07/11/200110:30 pmComedy CentralUSA
5Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow07/18/2001
5Cartmanland07/25/200112:30 pmComedy CentralUSA
5Proper Condom Use08/01/2001 2:15 amComedy CentralUSA
5Towelie08/08/200110:30 pmComedy CentralUSA
5Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants11/07/2001 3:00 pmComedy CentralUSA
5How to Eat with Your Butt11/14/2001 1:10 amComedy CentralUSA
5The Entity11/21/2001 1:45 amComedy CentralUSA
5Here Comes the Neighborhood11/28/2001
5Kenny Dies12/05/2001 3:15 amComedy CentralUSA
5Butters' Very Own Episode12/12/2001
6Jared Has Aides03/06/2002
6Asspen03/13/2002 9:30 pmComedy CentralUSA
6Freak Strike03/20/2002
6Fun with Veal03/27/2002 1:30 pmComedy CentralUSA
6The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer04/03/2002
6Professor Chaos04/10/2002
6The Simpsons Already Did It06/26/2002
6Red Hot Catholic Love07/03/2002
6Free Hat07/10/2002
6Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society07/17/2002
6Child Abduction Is Not Funny07/24/2002 2:45 amComedy CentralUSA
6A Ladder to Heaven11/06/2002 3:45 amComedy CentralUSA
6The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers11/13/2002
6The Death Camp of Tolerance11/20/2002 3:15 amComedy CentralUSA
6The Biggest Douche in the Universe11/27/2002 1:45 amComedy CentralUSA
6My Future Self n' Me12/04/2002
6Red Sleigh Down12/11/2002
7Krazy Kripples03/26/2003
7Toilet Paper04/02/2003
7I'm a Little Bit Country04/09/2003 5:10 pmComedy CentralUSA
7Fat Butt and Pancake Head04/16/2003 9:00 pmComedy CentralUSA
7Lil' Crime Stoppers04/23/2003
7Red Man's Greed04/30/2003 4:25 amComedy CentralUSA
7South Park Is Gay10/22/2003
7Christian Rock Hard10/29/2003 8:30 pmComedy CentralUSA
7Grey Dawn11/05/2003 4:00 pmComedy CentralUSA
7Casa Bonita11/12/2003
7All About Mormons11/19/2003
7Butt Out12/03/2003 1:05 amMTV MUSICUSA
7Raisins12/10/2003 1:35 amMTV MUSICUSA
7It's Christmas in Canada12/17/2003 2:05 amMTV MUSICUSA
8Good Times with Weapons03/17/2004 2:35 amMTV MUSICUSA
8Up the Down Steroid03/24/2004 1:45 amComedy CentralUSA
8The Passion of the Jew03/31/2004
8You Got F'd in the A04/07/2004
8The Jeffersons04/21/2004
8Douche and Turd10/27/2004 2:15 amComedy CentralUSA
8Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes11/03/2004 4:35 pmComedy CentralUSA
8Quest for Ratings11/17/200412:06 amComedy CentralUSA
8Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset12/01/2004
8Cartman's Incredible Gift12/08/2004 6:15 pmComedy CentralUSA
8Woodland Critter Christmas12/15/2004
9Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina03/09/2005 3:50 amComedy CentralUSA
9Die Hippie, Die03/16/2005
9Wing03/23/2005 2:00 pmComedy CentralUSA
9Best Friends Forever03/30/2005
9The Losing Edge04/06/2005 2:45 amComedy CentralUSA
9The Death of Eric Cartman04/13/200512:00 pmComedy CentralUSA
9Erection Day04/20/2005
9Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow10/19/2005
9Follow That Egg11/02/2005
9Ginger Kids11/09/200510:00 pmComedy CentralUSA
9Trapped in the Closet11/16/2005
9Free Willzyx11/30/2005 2:15 amComedy CentralUSA
9Bloody Mary12/07/2005 3:50 amComedy CentralUSA
10The Return of Chef03/22/2006
10Smug Alert!03/29/2006
10Cartoon Wars: Part 104/05/2006
10Cartoon Wars: Part 204/12/2006
10A Million Little Fibers04/19/2006
10Make Love, Not Warcraft10/04/2006
10Mystery of the Urinal Deuce10/11/2006
10Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy10/18/2006
10Hell on Earth 200610/25/2006
10Go God Go11/01/2006
10Go God Go XII11/08/2006
10Stanley's Cup11/15/2006 3:15 amComedy CentralUSA
11With Apologies to Jesse Jackson03/07/2007
11Cartman Sucks03/14/2007
11Lice Capades03/21/2007 4:25 amComedy CentralUSA
11The Snuke03/28/2007 4:15 amComedy CentralUSA
11Fantastic Easter Special04/04/2007
11Night of the Living Homeless04/18/2007
11Le Petit Tourette10/03/2007 9:30 pmComedy CentralUSA
11More Crap10/10/2007
11Imaginationland: Episode II10/24/2007
11Imaginationland: Episode III10/31/2007
11Guitar Queer-o11/07/2007
11The List11/14/2007
12Tonsil Trouble03/12/2008 4:00 amComedy CentralUSA
12Britney's New Look03/19/2008 2:30 pmComedy CentralUSA
12Major Boobage03/26/2008
12Canada on Strike04/02/2008
12Eek, a Penis!04/09/2008
12Over Logging04/16/2008 2:15 amComedy CentralUSA
12Super Fun Time04/23/2008
12The China Probrem10/08/2008
12Breast Cancer Show Ever10/15/2008
12Pandemic 2: The Startling10/29/2008
12About Last Night...11/05/2008 2:45 amComedy CentralUSA
12Elementary School Musical11/12/2008 3:15 amComedy CentralUSA
12The Ungroundable11/19/2008 3:30 pmComedy CentralUSA
13The Ring03/11/2009
13The Coon03/18/200912:35 amComedy CentralUSA
13Eat, Pray, Queef04/01/2009
13Pinewood Derby04/15/2009
13Fatbeard04/22/200911:30 amComedy CentralUSA
13Dead Celebrities10/07/2009
13Butters' Bottom Bitch10/14/2009
13W.T.F.10/21/2009 2:45 amComedy CentralUSA
13Whale Whores10/28/2009
13The F Word11/04/2009
13Dances with Smurfs11/11/2009 5:45 pmComedy CentralUSA
13Pee11/18/200912:00 amComedy CentralUSA
14Sexual Healing03/17/2010
14The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs03/24/2010
14Medicinal Fried Chicken03/31/2010
14You Have 0 Friends04/07/2010
14Crippled Summer04/28/2010
14Poor and Stupid10/06/2010
14It's a Jersey Thing10/13/2010
14Coon 2: Hindsight10/27/2010
14Mysterion Rises11/03/2010
14Coon vs. Coon and Friends11/10/2010
14Crème Fraiche11/17/2010
15Royal Pudding05/11/2011
15Crack Baby Athletic Association05/25/2011
15City Sushi06/01/2011
15You're Getting Old06/08/2011
15Ass Burgers10/05/2011
15The Last of the Meheecans10/12/2011
15Bass to Mouth10/19/2011
15Broadway Bro Down10/26/2011
15A History Channel Thanksgiving11/09/2011
15The Poor Kid11/16/2011
16Reverse Cowgirl03/14/2012
16Cash for Gold03/21/2012
16Faith Hilling03/28/2012
16I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining04/18/2012
16Cartman Finds Love04/25/2012 3:30 pmComedy CentralUSA
16Raising the Bar10/03/2012
16Going Native10/17/2012
16A Nightmare on Facetime10/24/2012
16A Scause for Applause10/31/2012
16Obama Wins!11/07/2012
17Let Go, Let Gov09/25/201310:30 amComedy CentralUSA
17Informative Murder Porn10/02/2013
17World War Zimmerman10/09/201311:00 amComedy CentralUSA
17Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers10/23/2013
17Taming Strange10/30/2013
17Ginger Cow11/06/2013
17Black Friday11/13/2013
17A Song of Ass and Fire11/20/2013
17Titties and Dragons12/04/2013
17The Hobbit12/11/2013
18Go Fund Yourself09/24/2014
18Gluten Free Ebola10/01/2014
18The Cissy10/08/2014
18The Magic Bush10/29/2014
18Freemium Isn't Free11/05/2014
18Grounded Vindaloop11/12/2014
18C... Magic11/19/2014
19Stunning and Brave09/16/2015
19Where My Country Gone?09/23/2015
19The City Part of Town09/30/2015
19You're Not Yelping10/14/2015
19Safe Space10/21/2015
19Tweek x Craig10/28/2015 4:00 pmComedy CentralUSA
19Episode #19.711/11/2015
19Episode #19.811/18/2015
19Episode #19.912/02/2015
19Episode #19.1012/09/2015