Owen M.D.

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
1I Love You, But: Part 109/15/1971UK
1I Love You, But: Part 209/16/1971UK
1The Town Mouse, Part 109/22/1971UK
1The Town Mouse, Part 209/23/1971UK
1The Whole Hog, Part 109/29/1971UK
1The Whole Hog, Part 209/30/1971UK
1Happy Family, Part 110/06/1971UK
1Happy Family, Part 210/07/1971UK
1A Little Place in the Country, Part 110/13/1971UK
1A Little Place in the Country, Part 210/14/1971 7:00 pmBBC1UK14
1The Long Days of Summer, Part 110/20/1971 7:00 pmBBC1UK12
1The Long Days of Summer, Part 210/21/1971 7:00 pmBBC1UK
1The Birdwatcher, Part 110/27/1971UK
1The Birdwatcher, Part 210/28/1971 7:00 pmBBC1UK
1Simple Simon, Part 111/03/1971UK
1Simple Simon, Part 211/04/1971UK
1Where There's Smoke, Part 111/10/1971UK
1Where There's Smoke, Part 211/11/1971UK
1Alison, Part 111/17/1971UK
1Alison, Part 211/18/1971UK
1The Weekenders, Part 111/24/1971UK
1The Weekenders, Part 211/25/1971UK
On the Parish: Part 112/01/1971 7:00 pmBBC1UK
1On the Parish, Part 112/01/1971UK
On the Parish: Part 212/02/1971 7:00 pmBBC1UK
1On the Parish, Part 212/02/1971UK
The Bees: Part 112/08/1971 7:00 pmBBC1UK
1The Bees, Part 112/08/1971UK
The Bees: Part 212/09/1971 7:00 pmBBC1UK
1The Bees, Part 212/09/1971UK
1A Country Pursuit, Part 112/15/1971UK
1A Country Pursuit, Part 212/16/1971UK
1The Kingfisher, Part 112/22/1971UK
1The Kingfisher, Part 212/23/1971UK
1Threadbare Harvest, Part 112/29/1971UK
1Threadbare Harvest, Part 212/30/1971UK
1The Return: Part 101/05/1972UK
1The Return: Part 201/06/1972 7:00 pmBBC1UK
1Black Sheep, Part 101/12/1972UK
1Black Sheep, Part 201/13/1972UK
1Comings and Goings, Part 101/19/1972UK
1Comings and Goings, Part 201/20/1972UK
God's Acre: Part 101/26/1972 7:00 pmBBC1UK
1God's Acre, Part 101/26/1972UK
1God's Acre, Part 201/27/1972UK
1The VIPs, Part 102/02/1972UK
1The VIPs, Part 202/03/1972 7:00 pmBBC1UK
1It Never Rains, Part 102/09/1972UK
1It Never Rains, Part 202/10/1972UK
1Saddler's Challenge, Part 102/16/1972UK
1Saddler's Challenge, Part 202/17/1972UK
1Ancient Enemy, Part 102/23/1972UK
1Ancient Enemy, Part 202/24/1972UK
1Way of Life, Part 103/01/1972UK
1Way of Life, Part 203/02/1972UK
1Snowfall: Part 103/08/1972UK
1Snowfall: Part 203/09/1972UK
2Water Under the Bridge04/22/1973 8:25 pmBBC1UK2
2The Witch of Addington04/29/1973 7:25 pmBBC1UK
2Father of the Man05/06/1973 7:25 pmBBC1UK
September Song05/13/1973 7:25 pmBBC1UK
2An Officially Hot Day05/20/1973UK
2You Don't Get Me05/27/1973UK
2The Love Game06/03/1973UK
2Into Panic06/10/1973 7:25 pmITVUK
2Long Voyage Home06/17/1973UK