General Electric Theatre

SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Wedding Day02/01/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA4
Ride the River02/08/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
Best Seller03/01/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA5
Winners Never Lose03/15/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA11
Hired Mother03/22/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA4
Bilshan and the Thief07/05/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA1
Thirteen O'Clock07/19/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
The Wine of St. Albans08/02/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA2
Test of Love08/16/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA3
The Cat with the Crimson Eyes08/30/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star09/06/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA2
My Wife, Poor Wretch09/20/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA4
Confession10/18/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA3
Woman's World10/25/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
The Hunted11/15/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA12
Atomic Love11/22/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
The Marriage Fix11/29/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
The Eye of the Beholder12/06/1953 9:00 pmCBSUSA4
Walking John Stopped Here01/24/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
Foggy Night02/14/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA3
Here Comes Calvin02/21/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA7
That Other Sunlight03/14/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA3
Pardon My Aunt04/04/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
To Lift a Feather05/02/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
Wild Luke's Boy05/16/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA9
Exit for Margo05/23/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA5
You Are Young Only Once06/06/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA3
The Crime of Daphne Rutledge06/13/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Desert Crossing06/20/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Pretending Makes It So09/12/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Too Old for the Girl09/19/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Nora #109/26/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The High Green Wall10/03/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Long Way 'Round10/10/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Edison the Man10/17/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Road to Edinburgh10/31/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
I'm a Fool11/14/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Face Is Familiar11/21/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Rider on the Pale Horse11/28/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Committed12/05/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA83
The Dark, Dark Hours12/12/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Music for Christmas12/19/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The White Steed12/26/1954 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Amelia01/02/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
D.P.01/09/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Yankee Peddler01/16/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Martyr01/23/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Big Shot01/30/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Return of Gentleman Jim02/06/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Love Is Eternal02/13/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Bachelor's Bride02/20/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Blond Dog03/06/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
War and Peace on the Range03/13/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Bitter Choice03/20/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Clown03/27/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
It Gives Me Great Pleasure04/03/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
O, Lonely Moon04/17/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Windmill04/24/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Mr. Blue Ocean05/01/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Into the Night05/08/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Man with a Vengeance05/15/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
When in France05/22/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Star in the House06/05/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Day He Got Fired06/19/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA3
Tryout10/02/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Bounty Court Martial10/09/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Lash of Fear10/16/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Outpost at Home10/23/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Shadow on the Heart10/30/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Winner by Decision11/06/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Farewell to Kennedy11/13/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Prosper's Old Mother11/20/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
From the Top11/27/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Feathertop12/04/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Seeds of Hate12/11/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Let It Rain12/18/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Child Is Born12/25/1955 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Portrait of a Ballerina01/01/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Esteban's Legacy01/08/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Ballad of Mender McClure01/15/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Muse and Mr. Parkinson01/22/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
In Summer Promise01/29/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Song Caruso Sang02/05/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Prologue to Glory02/12/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Honest Man02/19/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Try to Remember02/26/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Letter from the Queen03/04/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Steinmetz03/11/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Night Goes On03/18/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Reflected Glory03/25/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Easter Gift04/01/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Judy Garland Musical Special04/08/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
That's the Man!04/15/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Lord's Dollar04/22/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
H.M.S. Marlborough Will Enter Port04/29/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Shunning05/06/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Hat with the Roses05/20/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Golden Key05/27/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
O'Hoolihan and the Leprechaun06/03/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Exits and Entrances06/10/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Alien Angel06/17/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Emergency Call06/24/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Man with a Vengeance07/01/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Glorious Gift of Molly Malloy09/23/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Professor's Punch09/30/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Pot of Gold10/07/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Enemies10/14/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Invitation10/21/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Second Stranger10/28/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Rider on the Pale Horse11/04/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Charlatan11/11/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Road That Led Afar11/25/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Orphans12/02/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Breach12/09/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Chess Game12/16/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Child Is Born12/23/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Shadow Outside12/30/1956 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Never Turn Back01/06/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Earring01/13/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Lady of the House01/20/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Doctors of Pawnee Kill01/27/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
No Skin Off Me02/03/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Town with a Past02/10/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Big Shooter02/17/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Flight from Tormendero02/24/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Fenton Touch03/03/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
With Malice Toward One03/10/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Victorian Chaise Lounge03/17/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Too Good with a Gun03/24/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Bargain Bride04/07/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Cab Driver04/14/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Bitter Choice04/21/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
I Will Not Die04/28/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Angel of Wrath05/05/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Question of Survival05/12/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Man Who Inherited Everything05/19/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A New Girl in His Life05/26/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Questioning Note10/06/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Father and Son Night10/13/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Thousand Dollar Gun10/20/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Mr. Kensington's Finest Hour10/27/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Mischief at Bandy Leg11/03/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Cornada11/10/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Love Came Late11/17/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Iron Horse11/24/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Imp on a Cobweb Leash12/01/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Eyes of a Stranger12/08/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Trail to Christmas12/15/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Young Years12/22/1957 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Kid at the Stick01/05/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Letters from Cairo01/12/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Time to Go Now01/19/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Silent Ambush01/26/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
All I Survey02/02/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Incident02/09/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Last Town Car, Part 102/16/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Last Town Car, Part 202/23/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A New York Knight03/02/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Angel in the Air03/09/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Coward of Fort Bennett03/16/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Strange Witness03/23/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Unfamiliar03/30/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
No Hiding Place04/06/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Cold Touch04/13/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
God Is My Judge04/20/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Stopover04/27/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Ah There, Beau Brummel05/04/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Bold Loser05/11/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Young and Scared05/18/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Blaze of Glory09/21/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
One Is a Wanderer09/28/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Auf Wiedersehen10/05/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Castaway10/12/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The World's Greatest Quarterback10/19/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
At Miss Minner's10/26/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Battle for a Soul11/02/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Question of Romance11/09/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Falling Angel11/16/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Turkey for the President11/23/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Last Rodeo12/07/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair12/14/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Odd Ball12/28/1958 9:00 pmCBSUSA
And One Was Loyal01/04/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Man on a Bicycle01/11/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Stone01/18/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home?01/25/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
No Man Can Tame Me02/01/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Last Lesson02/08/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
I Was a Bloodhound02/15/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Family Man02/22/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Deed of Mercy03/01/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Incredible Jewel Robbery03/08/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Train for Tecumseh03/15/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Lady's Choice03/22/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Beyond the Mountains03/29/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Flying Wife04/05/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Caesar and Cleopatra04/12/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Robbie and His Mary04/19/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Nora05/03/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Nobody's Child05/10/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Indian Giver05/17/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Miracle at the Opera09/20/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Last Reunion09/27/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Hitler's Secret10/04/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Night Club10/11/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Tallest Marine10/18/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Day of the Hanging10/25/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Disaster11/01/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Signs of Love11/08/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Survival11/15/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Last Dance11/22/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Platinum on the Rocks11/29/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Absalom, My Son12/06/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The House of Truth12/13/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Mr. O'Malley12/20/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Silhouette12/27/1959 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Sarah's Laughter01/03/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
R.S.V.P.01/10/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Lear vs. the Committeeman01/17/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
They Like Me Fine01/24/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Early to Die02/07/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Patsy02/21/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Story of Judith02/28/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Book of Silence03/06/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
So Deadly, So Evil03/13/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Do Not Disturb03/20/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Web of Guilt03/27/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Mystery at Malibu04/10/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Aftermath04/17/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Adam's Apples04/24/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Ugly Duckling05/01/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Don't You Remember?05/08/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
At Your Service05/22/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Hot Footage05/29/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Man Who Thought for Himself09/18/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Journal of Hope09/25/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Goodbye, My Love10/16/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Camel's Foot10/23/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Graduation Dress10/30/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Influential Americans11/13/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Playoff11/20/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Journey to a Wedding11/27/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Learn to Say Goodbye12/04/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Strictly Solo12/11/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Money Driver12/18/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Other Wise Man12/25/1960 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Don't Let It Throw You01/01/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Memory in White01/08/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Devil You Say01/22/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Drop-Out01/29/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Little White Lye02/05/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Legend That Walks Like a Man02/12/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Possibility of Oil02/19/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Image of a Doctor02/26/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Open House03/05/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Small Elephants03/12/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Love Is a Lion's Roar03/19/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Labor of Love03/26/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Sis Bowls 'Em Over04/09/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Joke's On Me04/16/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
My Darling Judge04/23/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Louie and the Horseless Buggy04/30/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Episode05/28/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Golden Years09/10/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Iron Silence09/24/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Cat in the Cradle10/01/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Musket for Jessica10/08/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The $200 Parlay10/15/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Wish Book10/22/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Great Alberti11/05/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Star Witness: The Lili Parrish Story11/08/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Voice on the Phone11/19/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Money and the Minister11/26/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
We're Holding Your Son12/03/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Call to Danger12/10/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Tippy-Top12/17/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Other Wise Man12/24/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Friendly Tribe12/31/1961 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Wall Between01/07/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Hold-Out01/14/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
The Little Hours01/21/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Shadow of a Hero02/04/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Badge of Honor02/11/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA5
The Free Wheelers02/18/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Ten Days in the Sun03/04/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
A Very Special Girl03/11/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA1
My Dark Days: Part 103/18/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
My Dark Days: Part 203/25/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Hercule Poirot04/01/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Sam04/08/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Bar Mitzvah of Major Orlovsky04/15/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Troubled Heart04/22/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Mister Doc04/29/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The Unstoppable Gray Fox05/06/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Acres and Pains05/12/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
Somebody Please Help Me!05/20/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA
The First Hundred Years05/27/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
The Roman Kind06/03/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA6
Go Fight City Hall10/15/1962 9:00 pmCBSUSA