Zane Grey Theatre

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SeasonEpisode TitleAir DateAir TimeChannelCountry#Creds#Pics
Man of Fear19580314USA1
The Tall Shadow19581120USA1
1You Only Run Once10/05/1956USA
1Fearful Courage10/12/1956USA
1The Long Road Home10/19/1956USA
1The Unrelenting Sky10/26/1956USA
1Death Watch11/09/1956USA
1Stage for Tucson11/16/1956USA
1A Quiet Sunday in San Ardo11/23/1956USA
1Vengeance Canyon11/30/1956USA
1Return to Nowhere12/07/1956USA
1Courage Is a Gun12/14/1956USA
1Muletown Gold Strike12/21/1956USA
1Star Over Texas12/28/1956USA
1Three Graves01/04/1957USA
1No Man Living01/11/1957USA
1Time of Decision01/18/1957USA
1Until the Man Dies01/25/1957USA
1Dangerous Orders02/08/1957USA
1The Necessary Breed02/15/1957USA
1Village of Fear03/01/1957USA
1Black Creek Encounter03/08/1957USA
1There Were Four03/15/1957USA
1A Time to Live04/05/1957USA
1Black Is for Grief04/12/1957 7:30 pmABCUSA11
1Badge of Honor05/03/1957USA
1Decision at Wilson's Creek05/17/1957USA
1Man on the Run06/21/1957USA
2The Deserters10/04/1957USA
2Blood in the Dust10/11/1957USA
2A Gun Is for Killing10/18/1957USA
2Proud Woman10/25/1957USA
2Ride a Lonely Trail11/02/1957USA
2The Promise11/08/1957USA
2Episode in Darkness11/15/1957USA
2The Open Cell11/22/1957USA
2A Man to Look Up To11/29/1957USA
2The Bitter Land12/06/1957USA
2Gift from a Gunman12/13/1957USA
2A Gun for My Bride12/27/1957USA
2Man Unforgiving01/03/1958USA
2Trial by Fear01/10/1958USA
2The Freighter01/17/1958USA
2This Man Must Die01/24/1958USA
2License to Kill02/07/1958USA
2Sundown at Bitter Creek02/14/1958USA
2The Stranger02/28/1958USA
2The Sharpshooter03/07/1958USA
2The Doctor Keeps a Promise03/21/1958USA
2Three Days to Death04/04/1958USA
2Shadow of a Dead Man04/11/1958USA
2Debt of Gratitude04/18/1958USA
2Handful of Ashes05/02/1958USA
2A Threat of Violence05/23/1958USA
2Utopia, Wyoming06/06/1958USA
3Trail to Nowhere10/02/1958USA
3The Scaffold10/09/1958USA
3The Accuser10/30/1958USA
3Legacy of a Legend11/06/1958USA
3To Sit in Judgment11/13/1958USA
3The Vaunted11/27/1958USA
3Pressure Point12/04/1958USA
3Bury Him Dead12/11/1958USA
3Let the Man Die12/18/1958USA
3Medal for Valor12/25/1958USA
3Living Is a Lonesome Thing01/01/1959USA
3Trail Incident01/02/1959USA
3Day of the Killing01/08/1959USA
3Hang the Heart High01/15/1959USA
3Welcome Home a Stranger01/15/1959USA
3Make It Look Good02/05/1959USA
3A Thread of Respect02/12/1959USA
3The Last Raid02/26/1959USA
3Man Alone03/05/1959USA
3Hanging Fever03/12/1959USA
3Trouble at Tres Cruces03/26/1959USA
3The Sunrise Gun04/16/1959USA
3Mission to Marathon05/14/1959USA
3The Law and the Gun06/04/1959USA
4The Lone Woman10/08/1959USA
4The Lonely Gun10/22/1959USA
4Hand on the Latch10/29/1959USA
4Lonesome Road11/19/1959USA
4King of the Valley11/26/1959USA
4Rebel Ranger12/03/1959USA
4Death in a Wood12/17/1959USA
4The Grubstake12/24/1959USA
4The Ghost12/31/1959USA
4Miss Jenny01/07/1960USA
4The Reckoning01/14/1960USA
4Picture of Sal01/28/1960USA
4Never Too Late02/04/1960USA
4The Man in the Middle02/11/1960USA
4Guns for Garibaldi02/18/1960USA
4The Sunday Man02/25/1960USA
4A Small Town That Died03/10/1960USA
4Killer Instinct03/17/1960USA
4Sundown Smith03/24/1960USA
4Calico Bait03/31/1960USA
4Seed of Evil04/07/1960USA
4Stagecoach to Yuma05/05/1960USA
5A Gun for Willie10/06/1960USA
5Desert Flight10/13/1960USA
5Cry Hope! Cry Hate!10/20/1960USA
5The Ox11/03/1960USA
5So Young the Savage Land11/20/1960USA
5The Last Bugle11/24/1960USA
5The Black Wagon12/01/1960USA
5Knife of Hate12/08/1960USA
5The Mormons12/15/1960USA
5The Man from Yesterday12/22/1960USA
5Morning Incident12/29/1960USA
5One Must Die01/12/1961USA
5The Long Shadow01/19/1961USA
5Blood Red01/26/1961USA
5Honor Bright02/02/1961USA
5The Broken Wing02/09/1961USA
5The Silent Sentry02/16/1961USA
5The Bible Man02/23/1961USA
5The Scar03/02/1961USA
5Knight of the Sun03/09/1961USA
5A Warm Day in Heaven03/23/1961USA
5The Empty Shell03/30/1961USA
5The Atoner04/06/1961USA
5Man from Everywhere04/13/1961USA
5The Release04/27/1961USA
5Storm Over Eden05/04/1961USA
5Image of a Drawn Sword05/11/1961USA